iContact eCommerce Integration

Staying in contact with and marketing to your customers is a crucial part of any online business. Our ecommerce software makes keeping your contact lists easy thanks to integrations with popular contact management packages.

iContact eCommerce Platform Integration


iContact eCommerce Integration

READY FOR V9: Realtime Email List Sync

More Info: Visit iContact Website (New Window)

Kryptronic V9 Module

This module will be available for the Kryptronic V9 software package which is currently under development and will be released 1Q2016.

How It Works

When users submit changes using the Email List subscribe and unsubscribe forms, your iContact list will be automatically synchronized in realtime. There is no need to bulk import/export lists using this module.

Integration Instructions

Login to your iContact account using the iContact Login Page.

Access the iContact Application Registration Page.

This integration uses 'API 2.0', so if you have an application set up already, you will have an 'Application ID' and 'API Password' set up already, so use those.

If you don't have an application set up yet, do so using the iContact Application Registration Page. You will be asked for a name. Call the application 'Kryptronic'. Save the 'Application ID' iContact provides you, and the 'API Password' you select.

You need to get a 'List Number' for the integration. To do this, access your iContact Lists Page, which is in the 'Contacts' menu. Choose to 'Edit' the list you would like to use. Look at the URL of the 'Edit' page in your browser's address bar. The URL contains the list number. It will look similar to 'mycontacts/lists/edit/12345/', where '12345' is the 'List Number' you're looking for.

Using the Kryptronic management interface function Component / Settings / Extension Module: iContact, enter the 'Application ID', 'API Password' and 'List Number' from above in the appropriate fields. Set 'Activate iContact Connection' to true (1), and submit your changes.

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