WorldPay eCommerce Integration

We've made payment processing easy. With integrations available spanning the most popular processing gateways, we've got you covered. Whether you're processing orders with, PayPal, WorldPay, Sage, or another popular online payment processor, setup is easy.

WorldPay eCommerce Platform Integration


WorldPay eCommerce Integration

WorldDirect Form Integration

More Info: Visit WorldPay Website (New Window)

Setting Up WorldPay

  1. Go to Store > Commerce > Processing Gateways
  2. For the Payment Method select the appropriate payment method.
  3. In the Update Payment Method function set the Active Status to Active.
  4. Now enter your id in the Gateway User/Store ID field. Replace the string 'your_username' with your processor login.
  5. Logout of the management interface and open a browser session with your online processor. Login to your account and select the Settings function.
  6. In the Installations section, click the button under Configuration Options for the Installation ID you want to manage.
  7. On the Configuration Options page, enter the full http path to your script (Example: in the 'Merchant's Shop URL' and "Callback URL" fields. Then check the boxes next to "Callback enabled?" and "Use callback response?". Click the "Save Changes" button.
  8. Log out of processor's admin utility. You are done.

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