NetBilling eCommerce Integration

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NetBilling eCommerce Platform Integration


NetBilling eCommerce Integration

API Integration

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Setting Up NetBilling

  1. Under the Fraud Controls function, choose the Fraud Defense sub-function. Under the Enable Fraud Defense heading, make sure that Fraud Defense is Enabled. Under the Order integrity heading, make sure 'Enforce order integrity' is checked. Copy the Order integrity key as you will need it later. Make any other changes to these settings you wish. Click the Apply button.
  2. Under the Security function, choose the Access Security sub-function and for Payment Form Interfaces, make sure that 'Enable Payment Form V2.x (Universal) interface' is checked. Click the Apply button.
  3. Under the Setup function, choose the Website tools sub-function and click 'Browse Sites'. Choose to add a new site at the bottom of the list. Enter a Site Tag, Site Name and URL. Make note of the Site Name you choose. The URL used here is for reference only, so you can enter your main site URL here (not the full http path ecomrelay.php.
  4. On the same page, next to the site you've added, click the 'Config' link. On the following page, enter your name, phone and email address in the Website Information section. Then, in the Default payment form settings section, enter the full path to your script for the Return URL and GiveUp URL fields. Example: Also, set the Return Method to POST and the Postback CGI URL to blank. For the Payment options field, make sure 'Accept Credit Card payments for this site' is checked and the Payment Form field is set to the default for your Site Name. Click the Apply button.
  5. Return to the Setup function, then choose the Website tools sub-function and click 'Browse Sites'. Next to the site you added previously, click the 'Email' link. On the following page, in the Email templates sent to merchant section, enter your email address in the 'To' field, and select the any email templates for your site you wish to use for the Standard receipt and Decline notice emails (if you don't want to use the default templates). Click the Apply button.
  6. Logout of your account at the processor's site and login to the management interface.
  7. For the Payment Method select the appropriate payment method.
  8. In the Update Payment Method function set the Active Status to Active.
  9. In the Processor Username field, replace the string 'your_accountnum:your_sitename' with your account number, followed by a colon (:) followed by the Site Name you created using the NetBilling administrator.
  10. In the 'Transaction Key/Password' field, enter the Crypto Hash you copied while using the processor interface.
  11. Click 'Submit' and log out of the management interface. You are done.

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