Intuit Payment Systems eCommerce Integration

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Intuit Payment Systems eCommerce Platform Integration

Intuit Payment Systems

Intuit Payment Systems eCommerce Integration

API Integration; Formerly ECHOnline

More Info: Visit Intuit Payment Systems Website (New Window)

Setting Up Intuit Payment Systems (ECHO)

There is no configuration needed using the Intuit management interface - just be sure to have the merchant id and password that were issued to you.

  1. Go to Store > Commerce > Processing Gateways
  2. For the Payment Method select the ECHOnline Credit Card - Secure Server
  3. In the Update Payment Method function set the Active Status to Active.
  4. Now enter your id in the Gateway User/Store ID field. Replace the string 'your_username' with your processor login.
  5. In the 'Transaction Key/Password' field, enter the password you have been issued for your merchant id.
  6. Click 'Submit' and log out of the management interface. You are done.

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