FirstData eCommerce Integration

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FirstData eCommerce Platform Integration


FirstData eCommerce Integration

FirstData API; Global Connect (Form); Global Gateway e4 (Form); API Recurring Billing; Formerly LinkPoint/YourPay

More Info: Visit FirstData Website (New Window)

How To Set Up FirstData Global Gateway e4 Payments

Setting up your FirstData Global Gateway e4 payment gateway is one of the last steps to getting your store online. The software manual (available in the Support Documentation section) provides step by step instructions along with screen shots to make this setup a breeze, but here are the highlights:

1. Login to your FirstData Global Gateway e4 account and choose the Payment Pages function. Click 'Create a New Payment Page'.

2. Under General, enter a page name, and use the full URL to the /index.php script for your 'Return to Your Site URL'. It will be entered as something similar to ''.

3. Under Payment Types, make sure 'Use This Payment Page For All Terminals' is not checked, 'Enable Credit Card Payments' is checked, and all remaining options are unchecked.

4. Under Receipt Page, use the 'Automatic linking to the receipt page including result parameters using HTTP POST method (AUTO-POST)' option. Your Return URL is the full URL to the /utilities/ecomrelay.php script. It will be entered as something similar to ''. Enter your Return URL in for the 'Receipt Link URL' field, check 'Allow Relay Response' and enter your Return URL in for the 'Relay Response URL', 'Relay Response Retry URL' and 'Silent Post URL' fields.

5. Under Encryption, ensure the 'Encryption Type' is MD5, and copy and save the 'Transaction Key'.

6. All other settings can be left at their default values under all tabs. Click 'Save' or 'Create' and you will be presented with your 'Payment Page ID'. Copy and save your payment page id.

7. Logout of your account at the processor's site and login to the ClickCartPro/EuropaCart management admin.

8. Click on Store | Commerce | Processing Gateways

9. For the Payment Method select the appropriate payment method. Click on Update.

10. Set the Active Status to True.

11. Click On Security.

12. Now enter your id in the Gateway User/Store ID field. Replace the string 'your_username' with the 'Payment Page ID' you made note of earlier.

13. In the 'Transaction Key/Password' field, enter the 'Transaction Key' you made note of earlier.

14. Click 'Submit' and log out of the management interface. You are done.

First Data API Only Setup

Go to Store > Component > Settings > FirstData API Settings

  1. When you signed up for your API processing account at linkpoint, you were provided with a key file. The contents of this key file need to be copied into the First Data API Keyfile Contents field.
  2. No other configuration is necessary for this method (other than entering your id in the Gateway User/Store ID field by replacing the string 'your_username' with your processor login).

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