CyberSource eCommerce Integration

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CyberSource eCommerce Platform Integration


CyberSource eCommerce Integration

Secure Acceptance Form Integration; HOP Form Integration

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Configuring Cybersource Secure Acceptance

Setting up your Cybersource Secure Acceptance payment gateway is one of the last steps to getting your store online. The software manual (available in the Support Documentation section) provides step by step instructions along with screen shots to make this setup a breeze, but here are the highlights:

1. When setting up Cybersource Secure Acceptance using the Cybersource site, you will be provided with a profile id, an access key and a secret key. Take note of all of those items. While there, you will need go to Tools & Settings/Hosted Order Page/Settings to set up custom receipt URLs as well. All URLs will need to be entered as (use your actual domain and path to /utilities/ecomrelay.php).

2. Access your management interface and browse to the Store | Commerce | Processing Gateways function.

3. Choose to update the 'CyberSource (Secure Acceptance) - Payment Form' payment method.

4. Under the main tab, set the Active Status to True.

5. Under the security tab, enter your profile id in the 'Gateway User/Store ID' field.

6. Under the security tab, enter your access key in the 'Transaction Key/Password' field.

7. Under the 'Form Display Code' tab, edit the 'Form Display Code' field and enter your secret key for the value of the secret_key variable at the top.

8. Click 'Submit', and log out of the management interface. You are done and are now accepting payments via Cybersource Secure Acceptance.

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