Barclaycard eCommerce Integration

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Barclaycard eCommerce Platform Integration


Barclaycard eCommerce Integration

Form Integration; Formerly ePDQ

More Info: Visit Barclaycard Website (New Window)

Setting Up Barclay Card (Formerly ePDQ)

  1. Go to Store > Commerce > Processing Gateways
  2. For the Payment Method select the appropriate payment method.
  3. In the Update Payment Method function set the Active Status to Active.
  4. Now enter your id in the Gateway User/Store ID field. Replace the string 'your_username' with your processor login.
  5. Logout of the management interface and open a browser session with your Barclay Card account. . Login to your account and select Configuration/Technical Information/Global Transaction Parameters. Verify that your Default Operation Code is set to "Sale", the Default Data Capture is set to "Data Capture by Merchant", Payment Retry is set to "10", Processing For Individual Transactions is set to "Always Online (Immediate)" and Default ECI value is set to 7 - eCommerce with SSL encryption.
  6. Global Security Parameters. Hash Algorithm set to "SHA-1", Character encoding set to "Use the character encoding expected with the initial transaction request", set the next 2 entries to "Yes" and set Allow usage of dynamic Template to "No"
  7. On the Payment Page, click on "Hide the Cancel button " and add in the following URL for the Backbutton redirection.
  8. Under the Date and Origin Menu, add in the location of your index.php for you Kryptronic eCommerce software, i.e. and type in your SHA-IN Signature.
  9. Under Transaction Feedback, Use the following URLs in all of the following fields: AcceptURL, DeclineURL, ExceptionURL, and CancelURL: Also check the boxes beside "I would like to rceive transaction feedback..." and I would like Barclaycard to display a short text to the customer..." Set your Direct http server to server request to "Always online..." Under URL of the mechant's post payment page add the following URL to both fields: and check "Post" under Request Method. Check both boxes under "General", type in your SHA-Out pass phrase and select "No Request" under the HTTP request for status Changes.
  10. Finally, under Transaction emails, type in the emails you want to receive transaction related emails (separated by a semi-colon), Check "Yes for all transaction submission modes", "No" for Receive emails in the event of offline transaction status changes, add in your support email address and check "I would like Barclaycard to send a transaction confirmation email to the customer".
  11. Log out of processor's admin utility. You are done.

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