Kryptronic Custom Shop

Kryptronic Project Managers will keep you in the loop through every stage of your custom-designed project. From inception to completion, you'll get a hands-on feel that will guarantee that the idea in your head translates to your new custom-built web site.

Kryptronic Custom Shop

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

Our Custom Shop combines both graphic design and software engineering so that we can deliver the functionality you need for either the front end or back end of your web site. The real beauty of this software product is it's chameleon-like design. There's really very little that you can't build into this flexible architecture. Let your mind be your only limitation. Call one of our project managers and we'll help you through the entire process of building your Internet site with Kryptronic eCommerce software.

You'll have priority access to software engineers and design staff so you get running quickly and effectively. Quotes are free and in many cases, our designers will chip in their own ideas based on extensive knowledge of the product. They can be a wonderful resource to have on your design team.

Kryptronic Custom Shop Example Sites

Ready to Hot Rod Your Store? Here's How...

Step One: You can either call us at 800.704.4160 (Toll Free US) or 717.793.2607 (International) and speak with one of our project managers, or you can fill out an advanced support request. You should use our Level 2 (Custom Shop) Support Ticket option. First, submit your request for a quote. Quote requests are usually addressed within one business day following your form submission.

Submit a Level 2 (Custom Shop) Support Quote Request.

Step Two: From there, our project manager will let you know that we've received your request and begin the process of interacting with our design team to either formulate a quote or ask you for more details. You won't be in the dark here, we'll keep you apprised of the situation as we proceed. Once we've determined the best course of action, we'll submit an informal quote to you for approval.

Purchase a Level 2 (Custom Shop) Support Ticket for which you've received a quote.

Step Three: Once you approve the informal quote, we will draft a formal quote, which spells out in great detail the exact nature of the job. From there, we'll make any additions or subtractions to the detailed description of the quote in order to make sure that both parties understand exactly what the job will be. Once you're happy with the quote and the engineers understand the job, you will use the link at the bottom of the formal quote to pay for the quote and get in the work queue.

Submit a Level 2 (Custom Shop) Support Ticket for your order.

The Custom Shop Experience

Our normal schedule from quote approval and payment to completion is two weeks. This can be altered in special circumstances and on a case-by-case basis.

Our project managers can always be reached to update you on the progress or get your feedback on jobs as they progress. Feel free to call or email at any time for an update.

We follow this same procedure for any type of job. Our number one priority here is communication. We go through the process of 2 quotes so that you and our engineering staff completely understand the results you seek when we're finished.

Call us at 800.704.4160 (Toll Free US) or 717.793.2607 (International), or email us at, to get started on your project today.

Pricing Structure

The Kryptronic Custom Shop charges $150 per hour for custom shop projects. Discounts are available for larger jobs and ongoing client support and programming services. Retainer options are available.

We are a full service custom shop, and we will work with you to enure your requirements can be met within your budget.

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