Kryptronic Support Center

Since 1999, the Support Center has offered Kryptronic clients access to the best support resources. Kryptronic supports one of the most active eCommerce community forums on the Internet, offers full Custom Shop services, and provides tons of documentation and videos to help you out.

Kryptronic Support Center

Having an Emergency?

The Kryptronic Info Center has articles available on dealing with emergencies and common problems.

Dealing with an Emergency
Kryptronic Info Center: Site Doctor Series

Community Forums

If you have a simple question about the software, you should use our online forum to search for an answer or post a question. The forum is free for all users. Unanswered forum inquiries are typically updated several times a week. The forum is a great place to exchange ideas, tips and tricks with experts on Kryptronic eCommerce.

The forum is a great place to exchange ideas, tips and tricks with experts on Kryptronic eCommerce, but sometimes you need expert help. If you have an issue, and would like a Kryptronic engineer to help you ASAP, please call us, or submit a Level 1 (Free) Support Ticket, and we'll get you answers as quickly as possible, at no charge for most requests.

Visit the Community Forums

Level 1 (Basic) Support Tickets

If you have a support request that has not been addressed on the forum, or you would like Kryptronic to handle the request, call 1-800-7800.704.4160 (Toll Free US) or 717.793.2607 (International), or submit a Level 1 (Basic) Support Ticket. Tickets are usually addressed within one business day following your form submission. When we receive your ticket, we'll address your issue on an as-received basis. In some cases, there will be a support charge associated with a basic ticket. We will contact you via email with any questions about your ticket, or when your request has been completed.

Submit a Level 1 (Basic) Support Ticket

Note: When you submit your ticket, a new ticket will be created for you at the Kryptronic Client Sales & Support Desk. You can track your ticket using the Kryptronic Client Sales & Support Desk, or via email.

Software Documentation

Our Getting Started Guide is a great way to get your feet wet with Kryptronic eCommerce. There are dozens of useful tutorials that will help walk you through your first entry into the software until your site is almost completely built! And that is just one of the useful documents you can download for the software.

Software Manuals and Documentation

Training Wheels Tutorials

Quick and painless step by step guides that will help you easily accomplish some challenging tasks as you learn to get more comfortable with the software.

Kryptronic Info Center: Training Wheels Series

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

Perhaps you spend some time working on your own car. Perhaps you change sparkplugs, oil and even the occasional tail light. But if you decided to bore out your engine and drop in a turbo-charger, you'd likely call a professional mechanic and pay to have the job done right. No different with web sites... if you want to hot-rod your site... contact our Kryptronic Custom Shop experts and get your site flying.

If you have an idea, no matter how impossible it may seem, contact the Kryptronic Custom Shop.

Kryptronic Custom Shop

Installation Form

If you have ordered professional software installation, use the installation form to queue your professional software installation.

Access the software installation form.

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