Kryptronic Reseller Plan

Kryptronic resellers not only have access to industry standard eCommerce software, but we also offer reseller pricing on hosting, peripherals, and full licenses of our product. You'll make money and make your customers happy!

Kryptronic Reseller Plan

A Reseller Program that Works

Kryptronic has a vast assortment of web hosts, web designers and other Internet specialists who promote our products. Why? It's fairly simple... we offer industry standard software, excellent hosting, and a large assortment of peripherals for you to choose from. Most importantly, you'll make money and make your customers happy.

If your goal is to sign up new clients and then maintain their business throughout the lifespan of that company, then the choice of Kryptronic products is a natural one. We've been helping businesses succeed since the Internet was new and we'll continue pushing the boundaries of eCommerce by inventing new and interesting ways for customers to maximize their profits.

Program Benefits

Because we appreciate your support and your continuing loyalty to our products and services, we've provided a robust reseller program which nets you profit for every license, peripheral, upgrade or hosting plan that you sell. It includes:

Full Licenses at MORE than 50% Off Retail List

Extension Module (XMOD) Discounts

Custom Shop Reseller Pricing and Priority

In order to qualify for a reseller account, you must purchase two Kryptronic eCommerce licenses at the retail sale price (or retail regular price). Once you have purchased two licenses, email Upon receipt of your email, we will contact you and work with you to set up a reseller account.

Your boots on the ground do not go unnoticed or unappreciated and we show this appreciation by providing you extra profits for simply providing your customers with the best products on the planet.

Kryptronic: Security. Stability. Reliability