Fresh Eyes Website Analysis

You spend a great deal of time working on your web site. Are you too close to it to really see it? Our marketing and design specialists will evaluate your site and provide a report designed to help you boost traffic and sales.

Fresh Eyes Website Analysis

How do you maximize your revenues and sharpen your site's message? Because you're so close to your website and the industry you've chosen, you could begin to lose touch with a layman's perspective and begin to drift from the message you set out to impart when you started your business.

Now you could go out and hire a slick new marketing person or bring on a glossy agency to spruce things up... but what if the budget simply isn't there?

Seeing Things With Fresh Eyes...

Kryptronic now offers the Fresh Eyes Website Analysis program. In the last 15 years, we've helped thousands of businesses not only start, but succeed in their chosen field. We'll assign both a marketing and design specialist to view your site, and offer suggestions to help you take that next step. We'll put together a report that not only points out any flaws we might catch in your system, but we'll also suggest ideas that might not have occurred to you and also present some different design ideas which may benefit your particular business. If a design concept is presented, we'll call in our Custom Shop folks and get you a quote if necessary.

The idea is the same as if you brought in an outside consulting firm and told them you wanted to raise revenues and wanted some ideas...except of course, minus the fancy cars, expensive dinners and high rates.

You see, at Kryptronic, it's in our best interest for you to succeed and continue purchasing our shopping cart products until we're all old and gray. For that reason, we take an approach of helping you like a friend, rather than a consultant.

Because we also happen to be experts on ClickCartPro and EuropaCart, we will also take the time to make sure you're using your software to it's fullest potential.

Included in Each Report...

A full website review from a fresh set of eyes that knows how to make your eCommerce site work for you.

Product and message suggestions to tune your marketing efforts, and increase conversions.

Any obvious flaws that you're currently not seeing and suggestions for correcting them.

Design suggestions that could help enhance your business as well as a quote for any custom work which might need to be done in order to achieve those suggestions. You walk away knowing exactly what it will cost if you decide to pursue it.

General marketing suggestions that take advantage of our years of experience helping various businesses succeed in a variety of industries.

Recommendations on how to better utilize Kryptronic eCommerce Software and Custom Shop services.

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