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Tagged: Display Skins (Templates)

Training Wheels: Changing The Background

This tutorial deals with changing the background color and/or image in your ClickCartPro/EuropaCart 8 display skin.  There are many articles that focus on various points for updating the look and feel of your web site. This article will focus on:

– Changing the color of your background.
– Adding a new background image to your site.

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Training Wheels: Adding Banner Ads and Rotators

So, you’ve seen the new version of ClickCartPro / EuropaCart, you’ve made the plunge, purchased the software, run the importer and now you’re looking at the latest version of your new store.  Where are the cool slideshow banners and the cool little ads that the software touted?  Where’s the beef?  No problem.  If you just imported your store and didn’t leave the demo store in place, you’re likely not seeing the extra slideshows at this point.  No worries.

Or… if you did leave the demo store in place when you ran the importer, you might be seeing these, but you just can’t figure out how to STOP selling electric guitars and amps.  Again… no worries.  This tutorial will show you how to:

– Turn the banner ads on and off
– Assign your own slides and assign them to the correct location
– Create and import those slides
– Assign links to those slides

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Site Doctor: Display Skins: Adding Custom Menus

Assuming you’d like to add a custom menu (aka skin widget) to the sidemenu of your active desktop skin, follow these instructions. These instructions assume you are using the default Desktop display skin, but are applicable to any desktop skin.

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Site Doctor: Minmum Requirements for the Version 7 Skin

The minimum skin requirements for a version 7 skin are displayed. Each skin needs a base number of PHP/HTML tags to be valid, and this article provides that information.

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Site Doctor: Changing the Logo in the Display Skin

NOTE: This article is pertinent to version 7 only. In version 8, a function was added to the management interface which allows you to change your logo automatically.

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