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Training Wheels: Turning On Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the coolest new features in ClickCartPro/EuropaCart 8 is the ability to specify the exact URL you want for each page within your store.  This built-in ability requires just a quick bit of setup on your part before you can reap the rewards of having direct specific marketing in each and every URL your store generates.  What do we mean by high-powered URLs? Simple… you can now make your URL exactly what you want it to be.

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Training Wheels: Using Product Options to Sell More

You want to promote, upsell, cross-sell and enhance each and every product in your shop?  Do you want to increase the amount that each customer spends on a high percentage of your orders?  Welcome to Product Options 101!  Each and every day, as virtual store owners, were on a quest to increase sales…

We’ve got qualified buyers walking through our doors (metaphorically speaking) and wed like to increase each and every sale we make to maximize our profits.  Product options can do that.  We’d also like to simplify our store product entries for both our customers and ourselves.  Product Options can do that too.  We’d like to cross sell products so that customers, in the process of checking out, may see a cool item they hadnt considered that is loosely related to the product theyre currently purchasing.  Product Options can do that as well.

Understanding how product options and option selection items work, can make your store more powerful, your customers happier and you more money.

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Training Wheels Tutorial Series Announced

“To Learn It Is To Love It”, as the saying goes.  We learn by doing… but no one said learning couldn’t be fun. We’re launching an all new series called Training Wheels which will offer regularly published articles which help you manage your ClickCartPro or EuropaCart software more efficiently.  Our goal is to provide tips and tricks to help you increase sales using Kryptronic software.

The upcoming  Training Wheels tutorials will help you unlock the vast potential of ClickCartPro and EuropaCart and also help  you feel like a programming genius.  The step by step walk-through tutorials will help you learn the software and also do some pretty darned cool things.  The tutorials are designed so that anyone can achieve instant gratification from the world’s best eCommerce software!

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