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The Fog Lifts: The Importance of PRS

Used to be… running a business was a pretty simple task. If you made electric dog polishers, you drew up your plans, you bought your parts, you manufactured your products and you sold them. Pretty simple. But we live in a new age. You glance at this new-fangled thing called the Internet… and you realize, “Hey, there are millions of people in the world that need to polish their dogs… how do I get a piece of that action for myself?” You decide that you’re going to set up your own web site, flip the switch and that money pump will start bringing it in!

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A Little Advice About Your New eCommerce Site

Selecting a shopping cart for your store is an important decision and we’re sure that you’ve been doing your homework and trying to make the best selection you can. Every shopping cart is going to tell you that it’s the best solution for your needs… but then, you probably already know that don’t you? All you know is that you want to get this thing up and running as quickly as possible and start that money stream flowing.

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eCommerce QuickStart Series Announced

We’ll start at the very beginning. Obviously you have a product or products in mind and the means to create or purchase them as a reseller. Good. That’s really all you need to begin planning and setting up a new e-commerce web site. The rest is just smart planning.

The upcoming eCommerce QuickStart series will help clients who are new to ecommerce understand the process of getting an online store up and running with ClickCartPro and EuropaCart.

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