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USPS Service Name Updates July 2022

USPS has made changes to the Service Names used for Domestic (US) Shipment Ratings. For clients running versions Kryptronic eCommerce lower than 9.2, service names used by the software need to be updated.

Clients with Kryptronic eCommerce version 9.2

Version 9.2 introduced functionality which matches USPS service codes to service names, so you do not (and should not) make any changes. Versions 9.2 and above will not require updates when service names are changed by USPS in the future. Your USPS service ratings are working just fine.

Clients Running Older Software

If you are running Kryptronic eCommerce version 9.1 or lower, your software uses service names for service mappings, and must be updated to get USPS service ratings. Follow the instructions below to update your service list, if you are are running older software:

Access your Management Interface and browse to System / Database / Raw DB Admin. Choose to Submit a Raw SQL statement, and submit the following statement to remove all USPS domestic services:

DELETE FROM ecom_shiprealtimep WHERE id LIKE ‘USPS-US-%’

Next, browse back to System / Database / Raw DB Admin. Choose to Import into the ecom_shiprealtimep table. Download the file referenced below, save it to your computer, and when prompted for a file to import, select it:

Current USPS Domestic Rates (CSV)

After you’ve Imported the new USPS Domestic Services file, access Store / Shipping / Realtime Services and ensure all the services you want active are set that way.

All clients running older software are highly encouraged to update to the latest version of Kryptronic eCommerce. We’ve just released a full blown PayPal Commerce Platform integration that everybody wants to get on. We’ve got inexpensive monthly plans available for both hosted and self-hosted clients to ensure upgrades are affordable, and we can handle the work to make them quick and painless. Please contact us to upgrade.

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