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USPS has made a change to their API which has affected International Shipment Ratings. This change requires Kryptronic software to be updated to connect to the USPS API using different URLs. As of May 25, 2021, the USPS API URL is ‘’.

The newer USPS API URL will be used in the Kryptronic eCommerce 9.1.0 update, which is pending release.

Client with version of Kryptronic eCommerce software below version 9.1.0 will need to make a change to their software installations to accommodate this USPS API URL change. To change the USPS API URL used, access System / Database / Raw Database Admin. Execute the following SQL statement if you are using version 7-9 software:

UPDATE ecom_shiprealtime SET rateurl=’’, trackurl=’’ WHERE id=’USPS’

Clients running version 6 software will need to change the table name to the {APP}_shiprealtime table listed in Raw Database Admin on the Overview page.

Clients requiring assistance from Krytronic regarding this update should contact us by submitting a Support Ticket via the Support Center. Thank you for your continued support.

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