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Kryptronic Support Center Updates

In an effort to better serve our clients, we have made updates to the Kryptronic Support Center. We now have a new local/international telephone number, and new processes in place to ensure the fastest, and best support available.

A Message from Kryptronic

Hello, and thank you for being a Kryptronic client. My name is Nick Hendler, and I am the President, and Chief Software Engineer, here at Kryptronic. I want to thank you personally for your continued support over the years. Without you we wouldn’t be here.

I’ve looked long and hard lately at how we have been managing accounts and support requests for our clients, and we can do much better than we have been recently. We have not been fast enough, and it has taken too long to get questions answered and solutions implemented. This was mostly due to inefficiencies in our structure, and how support requests were routed.

As such, we have just implemented changes to our support structure that routes requests directly from you to technically capable experts. who are intimately familiar with platform you’re working. We want to get you the right answers as fast as possible, and will not be shuffling requests back and forth with sales staff. If you need us, you will get our best. I am currently working on support requests for clients personally to ensure everything is handled the way you want. This article details some of the changes we’ve made. Please reach out if you need anything at all, and thank you again for your support.

Kryptronic Support Center Updates

We have updated the Kryptronic Support Center to better serve all of our clients. Whether you’re a Kryptronic Managed Hosting client, or self-hosted, we are now handling your support requests faster, and better than ever before. We are now using our support ticket system to track all client support requests to maintain proper history, and continuity. To submit a support request, simply visit the Kryptronic Support Center. All support requests are now being handled initially by experts with our software and our hosting platform, not sales staff.

Local/International Telephone Number Updated

We try to direct all support into our ticket system, however sometimes you just need to call. Like when you’re email might not be working. We are still using the same toll free US number, 800.704.4160, however our local/international phone number has been updated. Our new local/international number is 717.793.2607. All telephone calls are now being handled initially by experts with our software and our hosting platform, not sales staff.

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