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So Many Choices

Choice is good. You spend time agonizing over each item you include in your Kryptronic eCommerce Software. But are those the only choices that matter when you’re setting up your shopping cart? Turns out, most folks want a range of choices for just about everything.

Most people prefer a variety of choices when they make a purchasing decision. But that doesn’t stop with your product options or your lineup of services. You should also be thinking about your payment and shipping options when managing your Kryptronic Shopping cart software.

Payment Gateways

Your Kryptronic eCommerce Software is one of the few eCommerce products that allow you to have more than one payment gateway. As most payment gateways charge essentially the same amount per transaction, why not offer your customers a selection when they check out? Now we’re not saying you should pay for 2 gateways that have monthly fees, but there are solutions like Paypal Standard that do not charge you a monthly fee, yet provide a very nice and secure checkout option. Plus, Paypal is nice for folks who want to shop, but don’t have their credit card handy because they simply need to have a Paypal account and they can then pay with their checking account, Paypal Credit or the credit card they have on file. Most people have a Paypal account… why not offer your customers a secondary way to pay? If one customer leaves your site because they forgot to bring their credit card to their computer, it was worth it.

Our software also offers some other free options which may or may not appeal to you. There is a Purchase Order option, a Pay By Check option and even a Call to place your order option. The idea is that your customer has made the decision to buy something from you… don’t let them get away with any possible excuse.

Shipping Options

Your ClickCartPro and EuropaCart also offer a plethora of choices for shipping. Not only do you have virtually every major carrier, but you also have multiple methods for each one as you drill down into the software. Plus, you have a full drop-shipping system setup for those products which you don’t stock. The important point here is, make sure you offer your customers a few different choices. If you only offer UPS ground as an option, you might lose a customer who needs a product next day. If the UPS truck is coming to your location every day, why not offer a few UPS choices?

The only caveat here is to make sure you only offer shipping options you can actually accommodate. Don’t offer Next Day delivery if there is no way on planet Earth that you can actually accomplish it.

Each of your products have a Delivery tab where you can choose which carrier you provide. If you go into your Store > Shipping > Realtime Services menu, you can select from tons of different options for each realtime carrier. Again… don’t choose Overnight International Delivery unless your prepared to support it. But it is a good idea if you can manage at least a slow inexpensive method and a faster more pricey method. Don’t lose sales because your customers don’t see a means to receive a product they need within a certain time frame.

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