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A Good Host is Hard to Find

Most of us probably don’t give our web host a second thought. This is after all, just a computer somewhere that has your web site on it, right? “A computer’s a computer, so, as long as my site is running, my web host is good, right?” There’s always more to the story, so read on.

Then you get a call. The web site is down! No orders are coming in! All of the sudden, your web host becomes the most important person in your life.

First, you have to dig up the phone number. Then you log into their web site because now, for the first time in forever, you care who your host is. Now you care about their system of backups, you care about their hours, you care about their service. When you finally reach their support ‘technician’ at his call center, he politely reads from his ‘script’ that the problem is not with their servers… sorry.

Maybe that $9.99 a month wasn’t quite the bargain you thought it would be?

How about this one… It’s 3:00 PM and your web site is dreadfully slow. These should be peak business hours, but because you’re on a ‘cattle’ server (cheap hosting loads way too many clients on one server… therefore, slowness ensues during hours where folks actually want to use your site) your customers are checking in, crawling around, taking a quick snooze and checking out. The only thing fast is how fast they leave a slow site. Also, you’ve noticed that since you transferred to this ‘bargain’, your search engine results are fading. Guess what? Search engines penalize slow sites and now you have one.

Yes, you paid $80 for the whole year… wonder how much you lost because people couldn’t actually surf your site?

This is one we see every week… You were working on your ClickCartPro or EuropaCart and messed something up. You’ve now caused your own misery and you call us for help. Our first question will be asking for FTP and hosting control panel credentials. But you’ve never needed them before. You meant to write them down somewhere, but darned if you can remember where.

How about this oldie but goodie… You signed up for their cheap hosting plan. But you didn’t know they charged for support, charged a ton for an SSL and charged you if you wanted to install an extra database for WordPress. Now, you’re paying upgrade fees and basic management fees and now your cheap web host isn’t cheap anymore.

Here’s a good one… You mess up your store while you’re working on it. You call and ask your web host if they have backups of your site and database. You barely hear “YOU WANT WHAT????” before your operator breaks into laughter.

The point is… hosting is important. There are great places to save money in your business, but saving money on the folks responsible for keeping your business open is sort of like not paying your electric bill and then crying when they turn off your power.

Kryptronic V9 ecommerce software is right around the corner. There will be significant benefits from switching to Kryptronic Managed Hosting. Our hosting clients have the following benefits.

Fast Servers not “Cattled” Up

Speed is important to every single site on the Internet and we make sure yours has it to burn

No Nickel and Diming

Unlike the large hosts who make hosting their entire business, Kryptronic is a software company that offers hosting as a service to our customers. It’s not the only thing we do, therefore, we don’t have to charge $200 for an SSL that should cost $50.

Help is Easy…

If you develop a problem with your shopping cart, you call and we help. You don’t have to dig up anything else because we already have it.

Professional Hosting

Though hosting is not our core business, our server farm is manned 24/7, our sites are backed up daily and those backups exist for at least 30 days. You have access to your databases, your hosting control panel, your mail, etc.

No Contracts

We never loved contracts for hosting clients. Never thought it was fair to make you sign up for a year when you haven’t even tried us yet. We go month to month and you pay as long as you’re happy. Our hosting business keeps growing because our customers stay happy. Hosting is important to you and your business is important to us.

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