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Mobile eCommerce Part 1: A Reckoning Approaches

You had better start accounting for it. Right now north of 50% of computer users are accessing the Internet via portable devices. Pads, cell phones, secret decoder rings…it doesn’t really matter how, but right now, a good percentage of your users are viewing your site via a very small screen. Is your site measuring up? On April 21, 2015, Google is about to make sure that it does. This 3-part series will focus on eCommerce in the new world. Ready or not, here it comes.

April 21st 2015…The Mobile Reckoning

As Internet Marketing professionals, we spend a great deal of time worrying about what Google thinks:

  • “Does Google like my site?”
  • “Why am I not higher in the search engines?”
  • “What does my competitor know that I don’t?”
  • “Who played Major Nelson on I Dream Of Jeannie?”

April 21st will mark a change in how Google presents your site in mobile search results. It will begin measuring your site according to how it presents information to mobile users. Google cares about how relevant it is. If half of its searches are from mobile users, it will be darned sure that it is presenting content that is friendly to those users. They have not yet revealed a penalty, but logic dictates that sites designated as not friendly for mobile devices will either be moved down in the rankings or not presented at all. Time is short, but there are solutions available, so let’s start solving problems.

How do I measure up?

Google has made it really easy to check your site for mobile friendliness. They have a test you can run in about 1 minute. Let’s start there. Click on the link below and check. We’ll wait for you.

If you got a Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly. message, you are set and don’t have to read this exciting tutorial any longer. You are excused and most importantly, you are mobile friendly. Cell phones everywhere are singing your praises! But remember to return for Part 2 of The Mobile Reckoning, where we’ll deal with optimization of your new Mobile site.

If you got a Not mobile-friendly you have some work to do, so read on.

At Kryptronic, we have a solution for all of our customers. Let’s determine which version of our software you’re currently using and then we’ll outline the fix you’ll need to perform.

Which Version of ClickCartPro or EuropaCart Do I Have?

Version 7 or 8
First, you’ll need to log into your store’s admin. If you have version 7 or 8, you’ll see it in the upper left hand corner. To determine the exact version you are running…simply look for the System menu then find Software and finally, look for Installed Software. Look for the very top listing which says Component Base. You should see a format that looks like 7.1.5 or 8.0.1 or something like that. Make a note of that version number and scroll down in this article to find your solution.

Version 6

If you log into your store admin and have a side menu rather than a top menu…and if your side menu says something like ClickCatrPro Menu and then has a secondary menu further below that says Navigation Menu, you are likely running version 6. Scroll further down in this article to find a solution.

Version 5

If; when you log into your store or your store admin and you see a url in your address bar that contains something that looks sort of like this cgi-bin/ccp5/cp-app.cgi you likely are using our version 5. You’ll find a solution to this problem for your software if you continue reading.

The Solution

Version 8

You’re in Luck! You can simply upgrade your current software to version 8.0.9. If you’ve kept your site current, this could be as easy as a few simple steps.

Important Note: If you have had any custom work done on your store, you should contact Kryptronic before running this upgrade. All of the instructions you need are located here:

Version 5, 6 and 7
As these older versions of the software never had a need for mobile support, it is not currently available and an upgrade to version 8 will be required. This will not only fix your immediate issues with Google Friendliness, but will also add countless new features, new security and give you an eCommerce solution that is designed for 2015! Keeping you site current is like changing the oil in your car. It can be a hassle, but in the long run, it makes your car last longer and run more efficiently. Here is the correct procedure for upgrading:

  1. Purchase the upgrade
  2. Install it in a sub-directory on your site
  3. Run our free importer to bring over 95% of your old site to the new one. This includes products, categories, customers, options, orders, etc. (does not bring over shipping method, payment gateways or display skins)
  4. Setup your payment gateway, shipping methods and tweak your new display
  5. Launch your new site

To purchase ClickCartPro or EuropaCart 8, simply use the link below and follow the instructions to upgrade.

If you need help updating or upgrading your site, please click the link below to get a quote from our Kryptronic Custom Shop. We have special pricing on emergency quick upgrades!

As always, our goal is to provide you with current information about the ever-changing landscape of eBusiness and the best eCommerce tools on the planet.

Next Time…Optimizing Your Customer’s Mobile Experience

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