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Social Media: It’s Not All About You…

Sure, you’re tired of hearing about what Mark had for breakfast and about Ellen’s boyfriend troubles. You’re tired of reading about Little Jimmy’s hamster winning a race at the local pet shop, or any other mention of the minutiae that some folks seem to think we all care about. But you’d better pay attention to social media because frankly, it’s here to stay and your business is going to need it.

It’s important to keep up with the times. Search engines, the lifeblood of all Internet businesses continue to add more and more weight to your social media presence. It’s the reason why ClickCartPro and EuropaCart 8 have integrated social media so heartily in our user Interface.  A large presence in social media isn’t the whole picture for enhancing your search engine presence, but it is growing in stature, so it’s important to pay attention.

But this isn’t meant to be a commercial for ClickCartPro or EuropaCart 8.  There is simply no better eCommerce software for building your online store.  But you can read pages and pages of info on that. Just look around.

This little article is designed to pass along a little tidbit that we’ve learned about Facebook and Twitter that can help you kill 2 birds with one post.  This little tutorial will help you make one post in Twitter that will automatically post to your Facebook page as well. Cool right? We tell you this secret because it’s cool and we like to share cool stuff.  Please do not misuse this by posting double shots of your headache news, how far you ran or Jimmy’s 5th place finish.  Doesn’t the world know enough about you already?

To connect your Twitter account and your Facebook profile:

Log in to the Twitter account you want to associate with your Facebook profile:

1. Go to your Settings menu.

2. Scroll to the bottom and click Sign in to Facebook and connect your accounts.

3. When prompted, select the privacy settings for who will see your Tweets posted to your Facebook wall. It is set to Public by default.

4. Click Log in with Facebook and enter your Facebook login credentials.

5. Click Allow to accept permissions.

Your Tweets will now post to your profile Facebook wall and your username will be displayed there as well. @Replies will not be posted.

To connect your Twitter account to a Facebook Page:

If you have a Facebook Fan Page, or are the admin of one, you can post Tweets from your Twitter account to your Facebook Page.

1. Follow the steps above to connect to your Facebook profile.

2. In your Twitter profile settings page, Select the page you’d like to connect to.

3. When prompted, click to allow permission to post to the selected Facebook Page

Each mention on the social networks adds weight to your search engine profile.  So get in the habit of posting something each day.  Just please refrain from posting about Jimmy… never liked that kid.

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