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Software Update: Version 8.0.8: USPS, Google, CyberSource, FirstData, Chrome Updates

Software version 8.0.8 has been released. This update, issued under number KRYPT09282014A, includes enhancements for ClickCartPro and EuropaCart users. Support added for USPS RateV4, Google Universal Analytics, Cybersource Secure Acceptance, FirstData Global Gateway e4, and security improvements for newer Chrome browsers.

Current Users: Click here for upgrade and update instructions

Items Added/Changed In This Version

Added United States Postal Service RateV4 integration. This replaces the RateV3 integration, which is being discontinued by USPS on Sept 28, 2014.

Added FirstData Global Gateway e4 form integration. This replaces the FirstData Connect form, which is being discontinued by FirstData on Sept 30, 2014.

Added CyberSource Secure Acceptance form integration. This replaces the CyberSource HOP form, which is being discontinued by Cybersource on Sept 30, 2014.

Modified Google Analytics support to include support for Google Universal Analytics.

Modified display logic to target SSL URLs for form actions when forms are presented on SSL pages. This change is due to a new security feature in Chrome browsers which requires forms on SSL pages to target SSL URLs, or a mixed-content/insecure warning is presented.

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