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Site Doctor: Loyalty Points System Explained

ClickCartPro and EuropaCart ecommerce software by Kryptronic has a built in loyalty points system. This system is used to build loyalty with customers by providing them a loyalty points account. When customers place orders for qualifying items, they earn points which they can spend at a later date on future orders. The purpose of this article is to explain how to use this system.

Why Use a Loyalty Points System?

The answer is simple: Turn customers into repeat customers. Giving customers incentive to return to your store and make future purchases is what the loyalty system is all about. Customers are hard enough to get, you might as well make the most out of each one. This system basically discounts future purchases based on past purchases.

Initial Setup

Access your management interface and navigate to the Store > Component > Settings > Loyalty Points function. There you will see several settings, which may need to be adjusted:

Activate Loyalty Points System: Set to true to activate the system.

Loyalty Point Value: Enter a currency amount in the system base currency representing how much each loyalty point is worth. A good initial value is .10 ($0.10).

Loyalty Points Earned on Account Creation: Enter the number of loyalty points which should be awarded to users creating new accounts.

Loyalty Points System Name: The loyalty points system can be branded, so you can call it ‘Bonus Rewards’ or whatever you like.

Product and Product Option Setup

Access your management interface and navigate to the Store > Catalog function. There you will be working with the Products and Option Selection Items functions. In each of those functions, when working with a product or product option selection item, you have the option to enter a Loyalty Points value (look in the Loyalty Points tab). Enter the number of points to pay out when the product or product option selection item is purchased. If you enter 10, and you’re Loyalty Point Value (entered above) is .10, you’ll be paying out $1.00 worth of points if the product or product option selection item is purchased.

With the loyalty points system activated, and points assigned to products and/or product option selection items, when product pricing is displayed by the online store, loyalty point information will also be displayed. The shopping cart will also display the loyalty point information.

Checkout Setup

A loyalty point redemption dialog is presented in checkout if the system is active. By default, simply activating the Loyalty Points system will activate it in checkout. If not, access your management interface and navigate to the Store > Commerce > Checkout Form Fields function. Ensure the Redeem Loyalty Points checkout field is active.

If you’re testing and you can’t seem to get a loyalty point redemption dialog to display, check to be sure you’re logged into a custom account with loyalty points in it. If you’re checking out as a guest, you will not be able to use the loyalty points system. If you don’t have any points in your account, you won’t have any to redeem.

Account Overview

The customer’s account overview (seen after they login) contains a function which allows the customer to view their current loyalty point balance. This function is only available and displayed when the loyalty points system is active.

Changing How It Looks

By default all the dialogs used by the loyalty points system are purple with a star icon image. To change how the system looks, review the system CSS file ({public}/media/skins/css/all.css). The classes uses are ‘loyaltycontainer’ and ‘loyalty’. It is recommended that you copy these classes over to your active skin’s CSS file and make changes there, as the system CSS file is subject to software updates.

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