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Fresh Eyes Site Analysis Service Announced

There are instances where we simply are too close to our own web site to really see it. Let’s face it, we work on these sites day in and day out for years. We know what we carry, we know what services we provide and frankly, we start to just assume that everyone gets it. When you hit that point in the life of your web site, it might just be a good idea to have someone else look at your site with Fresh Eyes.

It is for that reason we created a brand new program which is designed to offer you affordable web site analysis that can help you recapture the outsider’s perspective to your website, products and services.

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll call you to discuss your site and the message you want to convey.  From there, your site will be visited by both marketing and design engineers who will examine the site for content, message, usability and other impressions they take away from your business.  From there, we’ll draft a report that is loaded with suggestions for both marketing and design that could help drastically improve your customers’ experience with your site.  We’ll also include engineering quotes for any changes we suggest so that you have a good idea what it would take to move your site to the next level.

Our marketing folks will make suggestions to help you build your business and increase the time that customers spend on your site.  When possible, they’ll also go further than that by suggesting peripheral uses, possible partnerships and different methods for marketing your products.

In the end, you’ll have a better grasp of your web site and the impression it makes on potential clients as well as other ways you can build your business. Since 1999, Kryptronic has been helping business succeed in an increasingly competitive world, we’d love to help you. Call us today to discuss.

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Server Issues? Kryptronic Managed Hosting Has You Covered

eCommerce platform hosting can be a challenge. You need a server tuned to handle heavy traffic and optimized to deliver database-driven content. Most hosting companies tune their servers to delivery basic websites made of static HTML pages. Kryptronic Managed Hosting takes a different approach – using a Rackspace and Lightcrest backbone – to handle eCommerce software hosting properly.

Running a slow or improperly tuned server for your eCommerce website will result in lost sales and leaving money on the table each month. It’s hard enough to get people interested in your products – once they’re on your website, don’t give them a reason to look elsewhere! If you haven’t checked out our Kryptronic Managed Hosting service, it’s definitely worth a look.

Click here to optimize your eCommerce hosting with Kryptronic Managed Hosting.

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