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Site Doctor: Lost Password

My password into my ClickCartPro or EuropaCart admin has stopped working. I’ve tried to have the system mail me a password, but that doesn’t seem to help… How do I fix it?

There are occasions where your super user admin password is purged by your database and no longer exists in the system, or a user inadvertently changes their password… or simply forgets it. The best way to solve this issue is to access your hosting control panel. (when you sign up for hosting, they send you the URL, username and password to log into your Hosting Control Panel. You may have visited it when you added emails to your account or check your marketing statistics there. Once you’re in, simply find a link that says ‘PHPMyAdmin’.  This will be located in a section called ‘Databases’ or ‘MYSQL Databases’.

This is the doorway into your MYSQL database… a lightning-fast database that is the lifeblood of your ClickCartPro or EuropaCart store. It has everything… your products, customers, orders, categories, etc. When you type something into the admin of your store, this is where it lives.

You should see a list of databases (or one) that says something to let you know it’s your store’s database. If there’s only one, it’s pretty easy… but if you have several, look for the one that has the word store, khxc, shop or something that lets you know which database you have.

In this case, there were 3 versions of ClickCartPro stored here. You see the CCP 6, 7 and 8. Normally, if you’re working on the latest, pick that one and open it. Now you’re looking at all of the tables that make up your store.

We’re going to navigate to a table called core_users or khxc_users depending on which version of ClickCartPro you’re using. Let’s click on that and open it as well.

Search until you find your email address or a superuser account. You can see ID, username, password, and user group. The superuser is the user who has access to the entire back end of the site, you’ll also see your customers and any other ancillary users. Find your email address or the superuser account.

Notice the password? It is a long string of characters that make no sense.

This is because your password has been encrypted using a system called MD-5 Hash. To create a new password, simply go into Google and type in ‘MD5 Hash Generator’.

This will bring up a list of sites that allow you to type in your password and it automatically encrypts it using the MD5 Hash method. Once you have that hash password, you can simply click on the Edit icon in your PHPMyAdmin for your username and paste that new password over the one that’s currently showing. Scroll down and click on ‘Submit’ or ‘Go’ and your new encrypted password is now stored with your username.

Now simply log into ClickCartPro using your new password and you’re back in business.

If your account is simply not there?

Follow similar instructions, but rather than editing your existing account, click on the Insert Button. When creating a new account, we only care about filling in the first 4 blanks.

– ID is your email address
– Username is the simple user name you want to use to sign in. (admin, your first name, etc.)
– Password Create a new one using the MD5 Hash we talked about above
– Usergroup If you’re the main admin, you’ll be a superuser but if you’re creating a new user account for an employee that won’t have full access to the backend, you may want to make them an admin.

Once you’ve filled out those four spaces, simply scroll down and click on ‘Submit’ or ‘Go’. Now you can log in normally.

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