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Training Wheels: Adding Youtube Videos To Your Pages

It is our mission to provide customers with additional information and also offer good marketing advice for your ClickCartPro/EuropaCart 8 stores.  You could pay and have a customized video player inserted into your store.  But why not make use of resources, which are free and available and darned easy to implement?

In this case, we’re talking about the world’s most popular video archive system,  Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the last several years, you’re likely aware of the entertainment value that provides.  But are you aware of what an important ally YouTube can be for your web site?

This short tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily incorporate YouTube videos into your Kryptronic stores.  You won’t need to be a programmer or an expert in skins, PHP or CSS.  You just have to be able to read and follow some simple directions.

This tutorial assumes the following:

-You have ClickCarPro/EuropaCart 8 (though this would really work for any version of our software)
-You have promotional videos that you want to use to promote sales or support information

We won’t spend any time helping you get on to YouTube and set up an account so that you can easily upload your promotional or training videos to their system.  This is actually easy and very well documented by simply going to and signing up for an account.  YouTube is a very easy company to work with and their services are free… they only ask that you own the video content you put up there.  One other little hint for those of your creating video… Don’t use copyrighted music in your video productions, they simply won’t allow you to upload them.

Let’s assume that videos you want to promote have been uploaded to Youtube and are waiting for you to add them.

Step one is a simple one… go to Search and find the video that you want to incorporate in your store.  It should look something like this:


If you look at the image above, you’ll see the video player as we described it, some other details, but most importantly, right below the number of views of a particular video, you’ll see a little gray menu that has a few choices. We’re going to concern ourselves with the ‘Share’ menu.

Once you click on the Share menu link, you’ll see this appear:


We’re now going to click on ‘Embed’.  You should see something like this appear:


To embed a player in a particular page, YouTube is providing you with the necessary html code you’ll need to paste into your page to activate the player that plays your particular video.  You can also choose various sizes, etc., but for the sake of this particular tutorial, let’s just choose the defaults.  This will give you a player that plays your video and use the exact same size as YouTube uses by default. Simply copy that code that’s highlighted in blue.  Now let’s open our ClickCatPro/EuropaCart 8.


Let’s say that we want to add a new video commercial in the area right above where the page says ‘AudioCenter: Special Event Announced’.  We’re going to go into our ClickCartPro/EuropaCart 8  and launch our admin.php control panel. We’re going to go into the Website | Content | Webpages menu.


Let’s navigate to the Splash page and click on ‘Update’.

You’ll now see the familiar interface.  Simply scroll down slightly to the ‘HTML Content’ area of this page:


Here, you’ll see the html content that makes up your Splash page.  You don’t have to be an expert programmer to be able to see where the first paragraph ends and the next headline begins.  We said that we wanted our YouTube ad to be placed right above the heading that says ‘<h2>AudioCenter Special Event PC Announced </h2>’.

Imporant Note: Just to be safe, let’s copy this entire block of code and paste it into a simple notepad file.  Why do we do this?  Even though this should be a simple change… on the off chance you mess something up, you always can paste this known ‘good’ code back in and be back at square one.

Now, we simply paste the code right above that line so it looks like this:


Click on ‘Submit’ to save your changes.

Now let’s look at the results:


How easy was that?

Keep in mind, every product, category and html page in ClickCartPro/EuropaCart 8 has a space just like the one above to add HTML content.  You can really use video on virtually every page in your store.  It’s a powerful process that can be indispensable for your marketing efforts.

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