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Training Wheels: Stock Monitoring – Who’s Watching The Store?

Like most software today, ClickCartPro and EuropaCart 8 offer features that you might not even be aware exist. Like with our StockWatch system. You can enter quantities for all of your products into ClickCartPro or EuropaCart and have automatic monitoring of your stock. You won’t be caught short-handed again.


Not only will our software watch your stock…it will even tap you on the shoulder (or email you) when stock reaches a predetermined reorder point.

And your customers can choose to have an email automatically sent to them if a product they want is out of stock. No fuss, no muss…our software will do the driving.

Setup Is Quite Simple…

First, you’ll go to Store > Component > Settings > Checkout and set your Low Inventory Level Alert to the number where you have time to order or make new stock before your current inventory runs out. Only you will know how many and how soon you need them.

If you’ve never used ClickCartPro or EuropaCart to monitor your inventory, you can do this for all products or just key products…it’s really up to you. You simply go to Store > Catalog > Products, update a product where you want to track stock and click on the Inventory Menu. From there, you’ll set the Use Declining Balance Inventory drop-down menu to ‘true’ and then plug in the current inventory. Remember, ClickCartPro and EuropaCart only track online sales…if you also have a brick and mortar store, make sure you manually update your stock from time to time.

Now, you’ll want to also handle how you deal with Out of Stock items by going to Store > Component > Settings > General Store Settings. Here you can set up ClickCartPro and EuropaCart to display the current stock (this can sometimes be a great call to action for your customers and you can also activate a system whereby our software allows your customers to sign up and automatically receive an email from the store when a chosen item is back in stock again.

You can also choose whether or not to hide out of stock items if you no longer plan on carrying them. This can be a great way to liquidate a product you no longer want to carry.

Wow, that’s pretty cool for a feature you didn’t even know existed.

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