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Training Wheels: Using Product Options to Sell More

You want to promote, upsell, cross-sell and enhance each and every product in your shop?  Do you want to increase the amount that each customer spends on a high percentage of your orders?  Welcome to Product Options 101!  Each and every day, as virtual store owners, were on a quest to increase sales…

We’ve got qualified buyers walking through our doors (metaphorically speaking) and wed like to increase each and every sale we make to maximize our profits.  Product options can do that.  We’d also like to simplify our store product entries for both our customers and ourselves.  Product Options can do that too.  We’d like to cross sell products so that customers, in the process of checking out, may see a cool item they hadnt considered that is loosely related to the product theyre currently purchasing.  Product Options can do that as well.

Understanding how product options and option selection items work, can make your store more powerful, your customers happier and you more money.

Lets get started.  Lets open our ClickCartPro or EuropaCart 8 shopping cart and click on  Store | Catalog.

Youll see the many choices, but were going to concern ourselves with 3 of these choices for the tutorial (Products, Product Options and Option Selection Items).  Here is a brief explanation with visual aids to help you understand Product Options and Selection Items.  Lets think of your local grocery store.  As you check out, youre going to see little boxes of candy, combs, lighters, etc. that are placed where they are placed for one reason.  Impulse buying.  Lets look at this rack of items.

Generally, youre going to have a colorful cardboard box that has a name and some marketing info that is filled with the individually wrapped items that the cardboard box is advertising.  Lets apply that analogy to Product Options and Options selection items.  In the world of ClickCartPro and EuropaCart, the box with the label is the Product Option and the individually wrapped items are the Option Selection Items. Lets look at a product option in ClickCartPro or EuropaCart to further clarify.

A customer has chosen to look at a Cassette Tape Repair Guide DVD.  He sees a virtual cardboard box that says Learning is fun…   That box is filled with impulse buys like 8-Track Tape Repair DVD, Audio The Movie 2, Audio: The Movie, Cassette Tape Repair, etc.  So… the Product Option is the container called Learning is fun…  and the Option Selection Items are the 7 checkboxes within.

– Product Option (Container)
– Option Selection Item (Items)

So, youre going to create a container (Product Options) that basically consists of a title, brief description, the kind of buttons you want to use, if youre going to control inventory and most importantly is this a required option?  Some product options are required and others are not.  In the case above, a customer is buying a DVD and for the purposes of cross-selling, we know he likes this sort of thing, so we present some options at checkout that we think he might also like.  But he doesnt have to purchase any of these, so in this case, his product options are not required.  But remember, we said that product options and selection items could also be used to simplify products for customers and store owners.

Lets say you sell Maple Syrup and you have your dark syrup available in various sizes and rather than wanting to list each and every size individually, you want to present 1 product entry for your Xtra Dark Syrup and then offer the various sizes all on the same page.  It would look like this:

Your Product Option is called Type/Size* and your option selection items are called 1/2 pt. Jug, 1 Pt. Jug, ½ Gallon Jug and 1 Gal Jug.  In this case, this Product Option is required because your customer has to choose one of them in order to complete the order.  The same would go for sizes, colors, lengths or other enhancements needed to complete the order.  Your Option Selection Items also have some power built into them.  If a customer selects a certain option, youll need to know the following:

– How much money does it add or subtract from the price?
– How much weight does it add or subtract from the price?
– If youre having ClickCartPro or EuropaCart manage your stock… how many do you have in stock?

So now you know the various elements that are included in product options… all that remains is that once youve created a product option and some selection items… how you do assign it to a product?  This is simple and pretty much the basis for all relationships in ClickCartPro and EuropaCart.  Lets say that youve created a product option called Need any cassette repair stuff?  You know that this option is going to be assigned to various cassette tape products within your product line.  Youve made some option selection items of cross sell products you think a person buying cassette tape products might like.  First, lets set up the product option.  Remember, its called Need any cassette repair stuff?


Click on ‘Update’ and youll see an interface that basically describes what we told you.

Youll see the display name of this product option, a brief description, whether this option is required or not and youll also notice a menu to the left that says ‘Related option Selection Items’.  Once youve created your option selection items, youll click on this link and see a list of all of the possible option selection items you might want to use… simply assign those option selection items that you want to offer under this Product Option title.

So, now you have a product option with some selection items… how do you assign it to a product?  Simple… just go into your list of products and click on ‘Update’ beside the product you want to assign these options to.  Then look at the left menu and one of the choices will say ‘Related Product Options’.  Just like you assigned Option Selection items to a Product Option, youll now assign your product options to your product.

As before, just assign the product options you want to present with this product.

It’s easy, it’s powerful and it will help you make more money.

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