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eCommerce QuickStart: How to Get Paid – Online Payments

“Show Me the Money!”

The payment processing can always seem a little intimidating… but really… you only have a few main choices and the rest is comparison shopping. With a product like ClickCartPro or EuropaCart there are a few basic ways a customer can pay for the goods they purchase on your site…

Payment Gateway

Your customer never leaves your store. They enter their credit card information, which is encrypted and sent securely (under the covers) to your chosen payment gateway. The gateway verifies the card, collects the money and sends back a confirmation. ClickCartPro and EuropaCart receive the confirmation, mark the order as paid and send you a confirmation email. This is seamless and probably the most common way to implement the checkout process with our software. It does require you to add an SSL Certificate to your site. If you use Kryptronic Managed Hosting, in some plans, this is included free of charge, but our SSLs are always affordable and we handle the installation for you.

Payment Form

Paypal Standard is probably the most popular of these external payment forms. Your customer clicks on Buy Now and is sent to a secondary site to pay. Once they type in all of their info, or in the case of Paypal Standard, their username and password, the payment is secured and again, a confirmation email is sent to the site owner that the order is complete and okay to ship. With most payment forms, no SSL is required because security is handled entirely by the payment processor.

Manual Credit Card Acceptance

If you have a brick and mortar storefront with a credit card machine or have credit card processing built into your accounting software, you can tell ClickCartPro or EuropaCart to accept the credit card. The software will present itself just like the normal payment gateway, only in this case, it encrypts the credit card information and emails it to you. You then can decrypt the credit card info using the secure decryption method built into the software, where you can then manually run the credit card at your leisure.

Additional Payment Methods

Besides support for the most popular 40 payment processors on the planet you also have the ability to accept checks, contact customers for payment, provide zero balance purchase order payments. You can also contact our Custom Shop if the payment processor you want to use isn’t included on the list.

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