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eCommerce QuickStart: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for eCommerce Sites

Besides finding the right shopping cart partner for your site, there is nothing more important than setting your site up to succeed. Keep in mind these important facts as you make ready to get your site LIVE.

Use Your Words…

Everyone wants a cool-looking site. You’re finally in command and you have visions of a space age web site that greets customers by name, has exploding icons and literally puts on a full-blown sci-fi movie performance when your customer enters. Great… but before you blow your budget on graphics, phasers and sound effects CDs, remember one important fact… Search Engines use words to value your site… Google doesn’t care if George Lucas himself appears on your site and sings a song… Search engines care about the products you sell, the information you impart and the folks who link to your site… period. You can have a site the presents everything in cool 3-D virtual reality, but if you don’t have any words, the search engines will not show you any love. ClickCartPro and EuropaCart are built to have you be found. They have layers of good information that you can provide in the background in a format that search engines will love. When search engines love you, you get seen… your products get purchased and you get happy.

Not All Things To All People

Generally, when folks start dipping their toe in the pool of eCommerce and setting up their first SEO, they think that they will get more traffic if they promote everything on the planet. Their message is so watered down that without a strong singular message based on a few strong descriptive terms, they get lost in the soup. Focus on a few things that you do well and get them on the search engines… then start adding. Don’t be a jack of all terms and a master of none.

Promises, Promises

Be careful if you decide to use a third party to set up your search engine optimization for you… generally, they make a lot of promises that they simply can’t keep. They promise to put you on the first page of Google? Not likely. They might get lucky… but beware of anyone promising front page search engine placement. Unless of course his name is John Google. Before you create a problem that doesn’t exist yet… start by using a strong search engine optimization shopping cart like ClickCartPro or EuropaCart. Use the tools already included and then get the site LIVE. You might be very surprised at what you find.

Fight the Battles You Can Win

It’s important to push key terms for your site that you have a chance of winning. If you have 50 pairs of basketball shoes that you plan on selling… you’re likely not going to shoot to the top of the search engines over Nike and Adidas… but if you also offer glow in the dark strings and sneaker polishing… start by promoting those more unique, less competitive terms and you stand a better chance of competing. Get some good terms you can place well with… grow your traffic and then begin a more mainstream competitive plan.

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