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Site Doctor: Product Filter Management

Product Filters are a great way to arrange products for your customers and allow them to sort their views based on those arrangements and their own search criteria. Filters enable your customers to see what they want and hide what they don’t…

(1) Add filters to each of the filter groups under Store > Catalog > Product Filters. For example, if you want to use ‘Color’ as filter group 2, enter a bunch of color names as filters and assign them to filter group 2 there.

(2) Under Store > Catalog > Products, edit products and assign filters to each of them. For example, if a product comes in Black and Red, in the Product Filters section, select Black and Red under Slot 2 Product Filters.

(3) Adjust settings for filter groups under Store > Component > Settings > Product Filters to turn on/off filter groups and adjust how they act. For our example, we recommend using the following settings:

Activate Product Filter: true
Slot 2: Name: Color
Slot 2 Filter: Activate: true

Then you can choose to expand or collapse the filter by default by setting ‘Slot 2: Expand Filter’ and in what order that filter is presented by adjusting ‘Slot 2: Sort Order’.

(4) For any categories where you don’t want the filters to show up, you can set ‘Disable Product Filter’ to true under Store > Catalog > Categories.

Filters will be displayed on any category or special store page which has filters enabled, provided at least two products are displayed on the page, and those products have filter selections.

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