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The Fog Lifts: The Importance of PRS

Used to be… running a business was a pretty simple task. If you made electric dog polishers, you drew up your plans, you bought your parts, you manufactured your products and you sold them. Pretty simple. But we live in a new age. You glance at this new-fangled thing called the Internet… and you realize, “Hey, there are millions of people in the world that need to polish their dogs… how do I get a piece of that action for myself?” You decide that you’re going to set up your own web site, flip the switch and that money pump will start bringing it in!

Not too long before you find out that a complete understanding of how to polish a dog does nothing for you when you are trying to market and sell your products via the Internet to a worldwide audience. All of the sudden, you’re hearing terms like SEO, PHP, URL, API. With your head swimming in a state of confusion, you log into your favorite search engine and type in “Shopping Cart Software” and you see a million different flavors of ecommerce products with one thing in common; they’re the best!

Lucky for you, you’re smarter than all of them because somehow, you’ve navigated these treacherous waters to arrive at this safe haven for guys who realize that just because they make a great dog polisher, doesn’t mean they are an Internet guru. Congratulations on your intelligence and level-headed approach to business. Of course, if you just stumbled in here because you thought this was a porn site… no matter… stick around and you might just learn something.

If you learn nothing else from your venture here, we’ll give you one more acronym to remember: PRS. PRS stands for Product, Relationship and Support.


Our shopping cart software has been shipping since 1999. That’s over 10 years. We have thousands of clients with only 1 thing in common: They use our software. Other than that, there are probably almost no similarities. You see, everyone expects something different out of a shopping cart product. Could be that because of the nature of the millions of different businesses on the planet each one possesses a different set of requirements. Could be the differences in approach to business between individuals. Whatever the case… no two businesses do things exactly the same way. To that end, you need an ecommerce tool that provides you the options you need. Our one products eliminates the need for any other ecommerce products. It creates your site, sells your products, designs your appearance, integrates with your everyday business tools… heck, our product does everything “but” polish your dog.


We’re pretty selfish people. We simply want you to make money so that you buy more stuff from us! We’re going to use our decade of Internet ecommerce expertise to make sure that you have the tools you need to trounce your competitors and grow your business to its fullest potential. We are available to speak with you during normal business hours (real humans and all) at 1-800-704-4160 (US Toll Free) or 717-793-2607 (International). Our first conversations will be understanding your business needs and desires and then suggesting ways to accomplish your goals. We aren’t going to charge you for advice or for speaking with us. Next, we’ll determine your strengths and weaknesses in regards to the Internet. Some folks can design but not sell, some can do both… some can do neither. That’s okay… after a few minutes, we’ll map out the best way for you to succeed with your individual business plan. Why? Did we mention that if you’re healthy in the long term, you’ll buy stuff from us? You’ll use our hosting service, our custom shop and buy our software? We want to make money off of your business, but we realize that this is a 2 way street. We’ll deliver. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably in the “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is” category.


How a company supports their products says a lot about how they value their customers. At Kryptronic, we try to offer support for every level user according to their needs. Advanced users frequent our robust Forums where daily exchanges of ideas and innovations are commonplace. This is a technical company, so if you speak tech, you won’t go away hungry. For those users venturing into these waters for the first time, a different approach is required. On first contact, you’ll speak with a real living and breathing person who can explain what the next steps will be and offer straightforward non technical advice. From there, you’ll have access to a series of documents and video tutorials designed to take a powerful product and make it accessible for anyone. In cases where even more help is required, our free phone tech support and emailing is available. Any level user will find the support they need in the manner they need it.

If you start to fog over, simply call 1-800-704-4160 (US Toll Free) or 717-793-2607 (International) and we’ll talk you through it. If you have questions after our business hours, email, and we’ll answer you the next morning.

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