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Site Doctor: Featured Product Management

ClickCartPro and EuropaCart have a feature called ‘Featured Products’ which allows you to present up to five different groups of products on any page as featured items.

To activate this function, insert the following code on any system HTML page:

<?php $this->include_namespace('ecom','prodfeature'); ?>

This code is included by default on the HTML splash page at the bottom. Next, go to Store > Component > Settings > Display Controls: Featured Product Lists and adjust settings for the featured product lists. There you will be able to control the number of products per row, product display type, display name and slider status for each group (or slot). Adjust settings there according to how you want featured products to be displayed.

Next, go to Store > Catalog > Products and choose to update a product. In the Display tab, you will see settings named ‘Display In Featured Products: Slot 1’ through ‘Display In Featured Products: Slot 5’. Configure the product to either display (true setting) or not display (false setting) in each of the groups.

Once you have configured your overall settings in Store > Component > Settings > Display Controls: Featured Product Lists and selected products for each group (or slot) in Store > Catalog > Products, your featured products will be displayed on the page where you entered the featured products display code at the beginning of this article.

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