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ClickCartPro 8 and EuropaCart 8 Release Info

Dear Kryptronic Customers,

The next few weeks will be filled with exciting announcements, as we’ve finally reached the rollout of our new Version 8 of ClickCartPro and EuropaCart. We are putting the finishing touches on the product and completing the beta portion of the testing and are finally ready to begin rolling out the product.

Version 8 Release Schedule and Pre-Orders

August 17, 2012

Full and Upgrade versions of ClickCartPro 8 and EuropaCart 8 will begin shipping. The introductory price will be $249 for the Full version, and $129 for the Upgrade version. You can pre-order between now and August 17, 2012 to save. Pre-Orders for the Full version are $199, and pre-orders for the Upgrade version are $99. This deal ends on August 17, 2012, so pre-order now and save!

Pre-Order ClickCartPro 8 and EuropaCart 8

A Message from Nick Hendler, President of Kryptronic, Inc.

“ClickCartPro and EuropaCart have always been the most stable and secure shopping cart software packages available for e-commerce websites, however the products lacked many of the functions that made other packages more attractive to end users. For this release cycle we had a ton of new features and functionality, which we wanted to get into the base program. This release makes our software products competitive on every level, while maintaining the stability and security we are known for, and we’ve kept the software affordable. I have been programming this software since 1999, and I can tell you that without a doubt, this is the most exciting software we’ve released to date…

We have been working on ClickCartPro 8 and EuropaCart 8 since June of 2011, a full 14 months. In that time, we have made over 250 changes to the software, with some of those changes being very substantial. Some of the highlights include embedded WordPress-style SEO, with full control over all meta information and URLs, mobile phone/tablet/device support, a brand-new streamlined management interface, and a complete overhaul of the display skins and system displays. The technology now exists to do the things we could only dream of doing of three years ago, and ClickCartPro 8 and EuropaCart 8 make these dreams a reality…

ClickCartPro 8 and EuropaCart 8 is definitely worth purchasing for new sites, and upgrading to for existing sites. The full feature’s list will be published on August 17, 2012. Until then, we are keeping some features under wraps.”

ClickCartPro 8 and EuropaCart 8 Features

As a user of this product for many years before I began working with Kryptronic, I can tell you that I’ve never been this happy with the product’s potential. Virtually every new feature has been at the request of folks who use this product every day. Almost every area of this product has been revamped, redesigned and upgraded to streamline the e-commerce experience for both merchant and customer.

New Feature Highlights

Redesigned Search Engine Optimization

With the use of a static, eight-line .htaccess file, customized SEO URLs can now be created in the management interface for all system pages, products, categories, HTML pages and news articles. SEO in this version doesn’t stop with customized SEO URLs, either. The software now handles all redirects internally – including redirects from old version 6 and version 7 URLs, allows fine-grained tailoring of title, meta keywords and meta description tags, and includes SiteMap and OpenGraph functionality out of the box. Google Analytics support has been greatly enhanced, and Google Adwords Conversion Tracking is now supported.

Mobile Phone/Tablet/Device Support

The software now auto-recognizes mobile phones, tablets and devices and optimizes displays for them. The mobile display gracefully presents content from the entire store and website in a format which can be viewed on any mobile phone without horizontal scrolling (down to a 320 pixel width supported). All you need to do is visit your version 8 site with a mobile device to see for yourself. Switching from mobile to desktop views is supported as well.

New JavaScript Libraries and Browser Support

We stripped all of the old JavaScript out of the system in favor of new jQuery-based code and plugins. All of the old MooTools and standard JavaScript libraries are now gone. All features that require JavaScript gracefully degrade when JavaScript is turned off, or unavailable, in customer’s browsers. This new system has given us the ability to do many things to make the browsing experience much, much better for both administrators and customers, while still supporting JavaScript-disabled browsers.

Redesigned Management Interface

The management interface has been redesigned to give users the best possible experience when using either the new Advanced window-based interface, or the Standard page-by-page interface. Written from the ground up using the new jQuery libraries, browser support is unparalleled, and new features like inline related item management, and inline creation of related items are now a reality.

New Display Skin Layout

Display skins received a major overhaul. Styles are now centralized with system styles and overridden by display skin styles, which keep display skins smaller and easy to adjust. Full table-less layouts are supported, and new skin widget placement options with centralized styling, are supported. What this means for the non-techie user is that you get a great display that’s easy to change. You can even upload your logo and change basic color schemes using the management interface. Multi-tiered flyout menus are now supported as well – and are all handled automatically.

One-Page Checkout Support

With the use of the new jQuery library, a fully automated one-page checkout is now supported for all checkout scenarios. Once the customer leaves the shopping cart, ajax takes over – allowing for realtime embedded updates of content within pages in the checkout – give a one-page experience.

Shopping Cart and Wish List Updates

The shopping cart and wish list displays have been separated – each now being presented on their own pages. This has allowed not only for better mobile support, but much better displays – including ajax-enabled updates, icon styled buttons, upsell functionality, and inline shipping estimates.

New Banner and Slider Functions

You can now create and display banners on the top of all HTML pages, as well as in skin widgets. When multiple banners are available for a given slot, timed sliding displays are used to control presentation. Sliding displays are now supported and easily turned on and off using the management interface for many of the available product listings.

New Homepage Featured Items Functions

You can now pick and choose products to display on the homepage in up to five different slots, which can have custom headings. These featured item slots give you the ability to feature different sets of products, and you can use sliding displays to make the presentation look great.

Redesigned Product Displays

The new product displays include easy automated image support, multiple image uploads and support with configurable zoom, thumbnail presentation, and popup/modal, functionality. Price displays were re-vamped to include stock levels, sale percentage calculations and better presentation all around. Ajax enabled price auto updates display pricing updates in realtime to customers as they select priced options and change quantities.

Redesigned Category Displays

Categories are now displayed in a more streamlined fashion with meaningful headings and titles. The category displays themselves have been updated to include automated image support.

New Ajax Popups/Modals

Now displays for email a friend, in-stock notification alerts and review submissions use ajax enabled popup/modal displays to keep customers on the product page while offering them new and streamlined functionality which rivals top online store sites around the Internet.

Social Media Integration

Products now have Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet and Google Plus Recommend widgets buit in to allow customers to share your products on social media sites. Additionally, a new skin widget allows for linking to your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages by simply entering the URLs for those pages into the management interface. OpenGraph support gives you the ability to control what the social media sites include for shared products.

AutoComplete Search Function

The skin widget for store searches received a major overhaul. It now pulls matching search results via ajax into a modal/popup allowing customers to select products from a list as they type into the search box. Finding the right product has never been easier – or more graphical.

Popular Extension Modules Made Standard

Our most popular extension modules – the SiteMap Generator, the Shipping Estimator, and Product Reviews have all be substantially enhanced and made into standard out-of-the box features. The combined original price of these modules is more than what we’re charging for upgrades to this version!

New Advanced Reports and Dashboard

The management interface’s dashboard received major enhancements, featuring the inclusion of graph-based reports for recent page views and orders. These new reports are also part of the new Advanced Reports function which boasts over 20 new reports which all have graphing enabled. Now you have the data you always needed to make better decisions about your store.

These Are Just The Highlights – Remember to Pre-Order

Please remember, this is just a highlight list of the new features that are in ClickCartPro 8 and EuropaCart 8. There are many more features which have been added to the software which are not listed here as they’re classified as top secret right now. You’ll have to wait until August 17, 2012 to find out what those are.

Remember to pre-order your Full version or Upgrade version of ClickCartPro 8 or EuropaCart 9 on or before August 17, 2012, in order to receive discounted pre-order pricing. Kryptronic will not honor any pre-order pricing requests after August 17, 2012. The early bird gets the worm.

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