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XMOD Batch Order Management (BOM) Released

Kryptronic has released a new extension module (XMOD) for it’s popular ClickCartPro and EuropaCart shopping cart software. This new module is available for versions 7.0.0 and higher.

The Batch Order Management (BOM) XMOD for ClickCartPro and EuropaCart is an advanced module, which provides a battery of new order-specific functions which speed up processing of orders, increase customer satisfaction through enhanced communication, and help convert failed and abandoned orders into sales.

This extension module works perfectly on all ClickCartPro and EuropaCart 7.0 and later software installations, and installs easily using the Kryptronic Software Installer without any impact to any other software files.

This module provides a Batch Order Management (BOM) interface, which allows users to manage orders in a batch format (multiple orders at a time). This interface allows users to update Order Statuses and Order Item Statuses, enter single or multiple Package Tracking Numbers for different carriers, send pre-formatted emails to customers, run Post-Order Update functions, and print single or multiple Invoices, Pack Lists and/or Labels for delivery addresses and order items.

Order Status Code management is available, which allows you to easily add and manage custom status codes for orders, and to update existing codes. Additionally, you can change the colors used for presenting different order statuses in Batch Order Management (BOM) to get a custom look.

Save failed and abandoned orders by converting them into sales using Batch Order Management (BOM) to email customers, and convert orders from Pending Payment to Completed status.

Click here for full documentation on Batch Order Management (BOM)

Where do I get Batch Order Management (BOM)?

You can purchase Batch Order Management (BOM) for your software license by visiting the page below. Batch Order Management (BOM) for ClickCartPro and EuropaCart is currently being offered for $69, and it’s available only through Kryptronic.

Click here to purchase the Batch Order Management (BOM) extension module

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