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Site Doctor: Reserved Characters for Identifiers (IDs)

This article provides a listing of the reserved characters which cannot be used in identifiers for Products, Categories, HTML Pages, News Articles, Options and Option Selection Items.

The interaction between PHP and HTML forms imposes some restrictions on the characters that may be used when creating identifiers (the ID field) for product options and product option selection items. The list below includes the characters that should be avoided when creating IDs:

Parenthesis ( )
Braces {}
Square Brackets []
At sign @
Pound sign #
Dollar sign $
Percent sign %
Carat ^
Ampersand &
Vertical bar |
Tilde ~
Backquote `
Exclamation Mark !
Greater than >
Less than < Comma , Double quote " Equal sign = Plus sign + Backslash \ Colon : Semi-colon ; Period .

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