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Site Doctor: Upgrading to Version 7 from Version 5.x

This article details the upgrade process for users who wish to upgrade from ClickCartPro 5.x versions to ClickCartPro 7 or EuropaCart 7.

The upgrade process requires a new install ClickCartPro 7 or EuropaCart 7. Because of the vast differences between ClickCartPro 5.x and ClickCartPro 7 and EuropaCart 7, a new installation is required and should not be done as an ‘overwrite’. This will give you time to test changes and publish the site when you’re ready.


Visit and purchase an upgrade version of ClickCartPro 7 or EuropaCart 7.


Install ClickCartPro 7 or EuropaCart 7. This is done using the web-based ClickCartPro 7 or EuropaCart 7 installer. This installation should be done in directories not associated with your 5.x installation. When configuring your database for ClickCartPro 7 or EuropaCart 7, you can use the same database you used for ClickCartPro 5.x (if you used an advanced RDBMS like MySQL and not CSV files) – none of the tables have the same names. It is recommended, however that you use a clean database.


Download and run the ClickCartPro 5.x to ClickCartPro 7 or EuropaCart 7 data importer from the following URL:

Follow the instructions in the readme pdf file included in the importer ZIP file for running the importer. This importer will import the following items from your ClickCartPro 5.x install into ClickCartPro 7 or EuropaCart 7. You have the option for each of these items to import them or to skip the import of each particular item listed:

– Imports Software Settings
– Imports Media Files (CCP5.x site, product and category image files, download source files, etc.)
– Imports Customer Accounts
– Imports Affiliate Accounts
– Imports Maillist Subscribers (by creating an account for them and assigning a random password)
– Imports Online Store Categories
– Imports Online Store Products
– Imports Online Store Product Options
– Imports Orders and Order Items
– Imports Discount Codes
– Imports HTML Pages (User Defined)


Test your new ClickCartPro 7 or EuropaCart 7 installation and modify as needed to get ready to launch in a production environment. This may only take a couple of hours or may take a long time depending on how many modifications you wish to do before launch.


Redirect any links pointing to your ClickCartPro 5.x installation to your ClickCartPro 7 or EuropaCart 7 installation on your static HTML pages for your website. This will make ClickCartPro 7 or EuropaCart 7 live. Once ClickCartPro 7 or EuropaCart 7 is live, you can safely delete your ClickCartPro 5.x installation. You may wish to use Apache mod_rewrite rules in a .htaccess file in your root web directory to rewrite any old 5.x URLs to direct them to ClickCartPro 7 or EuropaCart 7. This will ensure search engine links and the like will continue to work appropriately. The following rewrite rules work great:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^ccp51/cgi-bin/cp-app.cgi install/index.php?app=ecom [L,PT]
RewriteRule ^ccp51/cgi-bin/cp-app.cgi?(.*) install/index.php?app=ecom [L,PT]
ErrorDocument 404

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