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Site Doctor: Saving Product Information

Please see ‘Restoring Product Information’ for information on how to restore your product information.

In admin under System > Database > Raw Database Admin, locate the ecom_prod table then click on Export. On the next screen you may change the name of the CSV file that will be created in the CSV Filename field. In the Columns to Export field make sure that there is a check in ALL of the boxes so you will get all of the data exported. Click on Submit to create the export file.

If the product export file was created successfully you will see a message that says “A CSV file has been created and is ready for download.”. Right below that will be a link that says “Download: Click here to access the downloads page.”. Click on the Download link which will bring you to a list of files that are available for download. One of them should be the file name that you entered earlier in the CSV Filename field.

As instructed on this page use your right mouse button on the link that says Save (Right Click) and select the Save Target As or Save Link As option (depending on your browser). Navigate to the directory on your system where you want to save the file and click on Save to store the file on your computer.

Once you have verified that the file was saved on your system click on the Delete option on the Download Files page in ClickCartPro to remove the file.

The product file you have just saved on your system may be examined and modified using Excel, OpenOffice or a text editor. If you plan on making changes to it make a copy of the file first so you retain a known good copy in case something doesn’t work as expected.

If you make changes to the information in the file and want to load the changes please see ‘Restoring Product Information’.

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