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Software Update: Version 6.0.5

Software version 6.0.5 has been released. This update, issued under number KRYPT10022007A, includes a number of enhancements for ClickCartPro and EuropaCart users.

Current Users: Click here for upgrade and update instructions

Items Added/Changed In This Version

Checkout without an account

Mail list for non-account holders (tied to checkout without an account)

Enhanced management interface (designed for less technical users)

Add-on module installer for management interface – implemented as install ‘new modules’ only in installer.php

Free shipping discount code support

URL redirection support for remote product API

Enhanced cart checks with min/max quantity rules

Exponential speed increases on busy sites due to trimming the khxc_stats table more regularly

CAPTCHA support added for the contact form and all dynamic forms (does not use GD – it uses an image library instead and allows you to use your own library)

USPS International shipping option control

USPS integration updated to use V3 interface – now dimensions are used in calculations for more accurate rates

Additional namespace for mail list for non-account holders (you can subscribe outside of checkout as well)

Free shipping discount code works not only on all items, but for designated items

Changes to the address book to work with non-account holders and to change on-the-fly when account updates are made

Suppression of pending payment orders in review online order listing for payment methods that support post-order processing (ie. not Check or Contact Customer)

Flag added to allow admin to determine whether handling charges should be added to zero cost shipping methods

Reworked skin assignments for products, dynamic forms, mail messages, applications, categories, etc. to make them more foolproof

Enhancements to product search to allow it to pull better/more results

Changed search forms to use GET logic to allow for back button usage

Order processing speed increased for stores selling downloads

Various updates to maintain standards compliance at the XHMTL Strict 1.0 level – fixed validation and added global support for WAI level 2

Reworked mail attachment logic to provide correct mime types for common file attachments to provide better support across email clients

Combination credit card expiration dates show dates in the future only now

Implemented new Cybersource HOP method

Changed PayPal methods (all of them) to use state and country abbreviations due to PayPal API changes

Remote Add To Cart API now supports the comma as a decimal point for international customers

Removed the language ‘Add’ for product options that increase price when using the Option Based pricing type

Changed product options so they no longer prepopulate with default values

Reworked all special product list namespaces so special product lists can more easily be called from HTML pages

All known issues submitted to support and/or posted on the forum were corrected

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