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Software Update: Version 6.0.3

Software version 6.0.3 has been released. This update, issued under number KRYPT05212007A, includes a number of enhancements for ClickCartPro and EuropaCart users.

Current Users: Click here for upgrade and update instructions

Items Added/Changed In This Version

Added new KHXCMI2 skin and made navigational system changes.

Change DB->quote to not do nulls.

Namespace listings in admin need to show the namespace id in addition to the common name. Changed column def.

Fixed issue with download file cron delete timing.

Added ‘hidden’ css class to KHXC default skin.

Removed Oracle as RDBMS option.

Enhanced central server registration check connectivity logic.

ISAPI getenv does not work. Used $_SERVER throughout code.

Updated PEAR Mail and Mail_mime modules to allow sendmail to cleanly send XHTML messages.

Created new ‘ClickCartPro’ skin.

All includes updated to provide more consistent use of CSS classes.

Modified discount code calculations.

Removed additional products from breadcrumbs.

Volume pricing text modified to parse for <price></price>.

Fractional quantities now allowed with flag.

Split up order summary into store, mail, printable displays.

Modified checkout to use class variables instead of passed variables for checkout session and cart information.

Fixed discount/custom sale issue in order totals include.

Remote product HTML cart additions now make use of product options.

Provided sortorder fields for the countries and stateprov tables.

Combined ship addresses in displays.

Changed checkout to be more user friendly with easier to follow instructions and buttons.

Multiple images are now supported for detail displays and lightbox.

Ability to embed options in the product detail display granted.

Greater/Equal Less/Equal logic implemented for prices in product search.

Option added to display line breaks for product options.

Increased size of product id to 250.

Disable wish list flag.

Removed disablesubmit from WishList to avert issues with Safari.

Changed format of download links in emails.

Various typographical changes made.

Offline orders changed to send cc info to primary order email address.

Added accountconf.php to XHTML include listings.

Enhanced product option inventory functionality.

Enhanced related items displays.

Negative inventory items are no longer presented in displays.

Commas are now stripped from prices for the remote add to cart API.

Issues with SIM fixed.

Issues with Cybersource fixed.

Adjusted lightbox code to play nicely with flash.

New form field includes are now used on the application level instead of using common KHXC includes.

Changed ids for quantity fields in the multi-add displays.

Defaulted shipping address in checkout to the last one in the address book

‘itemopts’ usage changed to ‘optdisp’ for all option displays.

Changed behavior of continue shopping.

UPS OnlineTools / UTF8 server issues identified and resolved.

Security enhanced to allow processing for enabled processing gateways only.

Ship to billing address only option added.

Cart product and option prices are now updated automatically from the database when the cart is loaded.

Zip+4 USPS issues resolved.

Expanded base dynamic menu system to allow for the use of a custom menu with custom links.

Custom shipping functionality expanded to pass: packages array and all destination / origin info. Now set up to handle realtime logic if necessary.

Various updates to the CCP5.1 data importer for ClickCartPro 6.

Modified affiliate and wholesale account interfaces to provide better presentation.

Modified order processing logic to do database updates prior to sending mail messages to reduce duplicate orders when using relay/response methods with instant payment notification.

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