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Release Notes: Version 6.0

Version: 6.0

Release Date: January 8, 2007

Written in 100% pure PHP now using an object oriented programming model.

All core application tasks were ported to the Kryptronic Hybrid X Core (KHXC), a web application framework that allows for easy unified management of several applications. The KHXC provides common APIs, display buffering and printing, mail (TEXT and XHTML), startup and shutdown as well as daily and weekly task execution, security, a management interface, central user account management, common application interfaces and more. The KHXC supports database interaction with MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server.

The new software has been benchmarked at 5 times faster than version 5.1 and 400 times more resource efficient.

With the port of all core application tasks to the KHXC, the ecommerce application was designed to plugin as one or one of many applications running under the KHXC installation. This allows users to run multiple instances of the ecommerce application or other KHXC-based applcations using a single core installation.

The KHXC display modules used by software render in fully valid XHTML Strict 1.0 code using CSS. The displays are WAI Complaint to levels 1 and 2 for accessibility.

Because of the use of the KHXC management interface, adminsitrators now have the ability to use a PHPMyAdmin-like RawDB Admin interface which allows full control over table structures, the ability to import and export CSV data, full table browsing and guided and unguided select modes, screen output mode select and atomic sql statement submission is now permitted. Connections to other database accounts can be stored and the KHXC can be used to access that data using RawDB Admin.

The software was coded to make use of core APIs using a 100% PHP object oriented codebase.

The new KHXC Display skin system allows changes of skins at the product, category, namespace, webpage and dynamic form levels and allows for the use of multiple display skins per installation.

Dynamically generated menu system triggered by the display skin. Menus include Main Menu, Categories, Online Store Menu, Quick Store Search, Shopping Cart, Application Changer (if other applications are installed), Currencies, Account Menu, Recently Visited Pages, Popular Pages.

All mail messages are now delivered in both TEXT and XHTML format. The XHTML mail messages use a skin that can be altered using the new skin management interface.

Instructional information for all settings and form fields as well as forms is provided in the mangement interface for all management functions. New PDF-based manuals have bookmarks and a directory of all of the management functions.

Dynamic Forms have been reworked to provide better output and easier mangement.

PHP coding now permitted in product detail view, product category view and product list view displays for products and categories.

New wholesale system. Enter prices in on the product level for wholesalers or run global percentage discounts. Or, do both and vary the method used per wholesaler account.

New affiliate system. Enter commissions in on the product level for affiliates or run global percentage commissions. Or, do both and vary the method used per affiliate account.

New Wholesale Account and Affiliate Account sections added to the account management interface. An account upgrade request was also added for basic users.

Account management for users includes new options to change their email address, password, contact information, subscribe to email lists, and a new delivery address book interface which allows users to store multiple delivery addresses online in their account.

Multiple email subscription lists now supported. Options include the ability to send messages (TEXT and XHTML) to all users, users having particular subscriptions, or all subscribers. Mail list send function is now a multi-task operation to allow for mass communication without being subject to server limitations.

New online store catalog functions include old favorites like the store home, specials, shopping cart and checkout, but now have new functions including view all products, advanced search, product index, best sellers and new products.

In addition to the new advanced search, customer now have sort by price and name options in the online store and a new breadcrumbs system accurately gives the customer a trail which they’ve followed through the store.

Customer account based wish lists can store items for customers for later purchase.

Shopping cart now displays delete item and move item to wish list buttons. In addition the update shopping cart button is still available with quantity selections for mass updates.

Multi-product add to cart displays for categories. A new display type for categories was added that allows additions to the cart for multiple products with quantity options via the same page.

Shopping cart now displays thumbnail images for products.

New checkout system is a two step process for customers with accounts. Create Order: where the customer creates their order by adjusting their shipping options, entering discount codes and making up to ten custom field selections and entries – all on one page. Review and Pay: Step two of the process where payment information is entered and the entire order is reviewed for accuracy.

Shipping prices, discounts, state/province and country taxes and custom sale amounts are all recalculated when changes are made to the order. Orders now maintain state so upon leaving checkout and returning, selected options and entries remain intact.

Realtime shipping calculations provided by UPS, USPS, FedEx and Intershipper. Account configuration is embedded in the management interface for realtime shipper accounts and no additional modules are needed to get rates.

Realtime shipment tracking provided within the store for UPS, USPS and FedEx. Now tracking number entries are on the order level for easy management. Multiple tracking numbers and multiple carriers can be used to provide package tracking information to users.

Integrations updated to use current PHP code for all integrated processors. Easier to setup PayPal Website Payments Pro and Linkpoint API.

Quickbooks and Peachtree modules provided identical functionality as previous versions but now use a unified download system in the management interface.

Streamlined order management process now makes orders easier to complete and fill. Pending and Completed orders are now separated in different displays.

Email a friend now displayed on a separate page with a link from the product detail page.

Lightbox 2.0 popup image scripting now used for standards compliant CSS/JavaScript based extra large product image popups.

New reports system allows for detailed reporting on the day, month, year and page viewed levels.

New content management system built into the software allows for page generation in XHMTL, pure PHP or a combination of both.

A new currency system provides currency conversions in many popular currencies. This setting is defined by the customer and carries forward through the whole order process and even into order email messages and printable invoices.

Multiple download files per product and for product option selection items are supported in the digital download system.

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