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Release Notes: Version 5.1

Version: 5.1

Release Date: July 31, 2003

Processor Integrations: ECHOnline, EFSNET, InternetSecure, Caledon, PlugNPay, SurePay, SkipJack, PSiGate, Netbilling, BluePay API, NOCHEX, SECPay, FirstPay, Protx, Spectre & Cardservice Linkpoint API.

Shipping Integrations: UPS Online Tools & FedEx Web Services.

Realtime package tracking for UPS, USPS and FedEx – embedded in CCP (not a link to the shipper’s site).

Remote product add to cart API Expanded – The remote product add to cart API now allows you to specify shipping logic similar to that defined in Manage Products for database entered products in admin.

Affiliate Module – A full blown affiliate module with infinite levels, commission controls, automated signup, payment processing, etc. was added.

Exports to Quickbooks & Peachtree accounting software packages.

Full SSL Checkout – Admin now has the option to run the entire checkout process in SSL.

User Login / Customer Accounts – Users can now create customer accounts. Includes full information updates and an email password function.

Rebuilt shipping logic to handle everything including custom shipping on the product level.

Major changes to shipping displays – Now all printed shipping information in checkout/order info and generated emails is displayed in shipping groups.

Shipper email reconfiguration – Now drop shippers are each sent one email per order.

Link to items from the cart.

Added a continue shopping button to cart page.

Updated display logic – The store splash page, new items, best sellers, specials and search results pages now all have their own display definitions.

Added option to display product numbers in the cart/order/emails.

Addition of admin control over where to direct user after cart additions.

Disable store function – Admin can now do maintenance to the store while users browse the rest of the site.

Reset reports function – Now you can reset your statistics via admin.

Expanded search functionality – Search logic now contains Any Words, All Words, Exact Phrase logic to allow for more defined searches.

Manage Orders interface was updated to include options to regenerate order emails, update inventory, and perform other updates.

Custom sale scripting logic to mirror that of custom shipping scripts was added.

Context sensitive help & expanded manual.

Add emails to maillist on order changes to the mail list logic to make it more server friendly.

Admin function to change the time offset.

Alter Table Code – Now for a large number of tables marked as configurable, you can add and delete user defined columns to/from tables for all data source formats (CSV and RDBMS) via admin.

Relationship Changes – The relationship logic in 5.0 was removed and rewritten to include all relationship formulation on the Manage pages.

SQL Engine – Allows admin users to execute SQL on select tables from admin.

Added a number of boxes field under Manage Products. Products can ship in own box, multiple boxes or be combined with other items in a single box.

Product options can now be required or not required.

Switched the order of the Manage Orders screen to show the most recent orders first in the list.

Expanded discount functionality to allow admin to include/exclude certain products from discounts.

Expanded discount functionality to decline unused discount balances (instead of just expiring them).

Order numbers can be either a datestamp, epoch seconds or a random number all either prefixed by the order prefix, or not. Admin’s choice.

EU VAT & Canadian PST Permit logic was implemented.

Larger images popups were added to the product detail pages to allow for three levels of images: thumbnail on category page, detail on product detail page, and extra large image in a popup off the product detail page.

Only ship to billing address function added.

HTML email functionality added to the admin mail functions.

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