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Release Notes: Version 4.0

Version: 4.0

Release Date: May 24, 2001

Rebuilt the code architecture to effectively reduce program compile times by 80%.

All Unix-specific code was removed and the package is now Windows compatible.

Integrations with online processors: PayPal, WorldPay and Cardservice International.

Integration with the UPS Real Time shipping calculation system.

Rebuilt main sections of the HTML produced dynamically by the program to speed up Netscape load times. Now loads 8 times faster in Netscape than version 3.6.

The package now has Netscape 6 compatable HTML. The HTML renders perfectly on Netscape 3+, MSIE 3+, KDE Konqueror 1+.

The Internet Site Administrator was redesigned to allow for the use of DHTML HierMenus and all aspects of the Administrator look and feel are now configurable.

The manual is now included with the install package and is accessible from the front and back ends.

Mail output is now parsed so that HTML tags are not printed.

The use of three letter country codes in the country database was replaced with the use of the standard two letter codes.

Added an option to allow the owner a choice to display the shopping cart while shopping. Also added a choice to show totals in the cart while shopping. Owner can now modify cart size as well.

Forked the mail handling to allow for the use of sendmail directly as well as the use of the Mail::Sendmail SMTP module.

Modified the banner ad redirection link. A redirection was no longer necessary.

Added code to identify valid referring URLs during order processing to increase security.

Products with a zero price are now presented without the add to cart button. This allows owners to display and not sell products.

Tightened up the code associated with user inputs for product options and dynamic forms.

User information is now stored in cookies on the local machine and not in data files on the server. This change allowed for the elimination of the login requirement for orders and form submissions and the elimination of the login code altogether.

Order tracking information is now stored in separate data files for each order. This will infinitely increase the order taking capabilities of the program. There are no limits on the number of orders that can be stored online now.

All HTML parsing code was pulled into common routines so now macros work in product and category descriptions as well as form headers.

Text area tags are now allowed as form inputs on the HTML pages.

The software license is now displayed on the initial login to the Internet Site Administrator and is available for viewing in the Manual section.

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