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Release Notes: Version 3.1

Version: 3.1

Release Date: January 7, 2000

Five site layout themes with complete HTML. Update your site’s look and feel with the click of your mouse.

Better HTML scripting support and Linux Helvetica font support.

Updated HTML text for the provided default pages.

A new demo store is provided that really shows off the capabilities of the program. It even has a build your own computer product.

The ability to use separate images for category items. You can even use animated images like the new demo store.

Support for secure server installations and the ability to accept credit card entries on the web site with a secure order form. Flexible functionality is here that allows you to post to any secure server for credit card entry – even an NT server using ASP scripting.

Support for both Authorize.Net and GoRealtime.Com. Now online processing partners are handled using plugin technology so it is easy to add others.

Better online processor hand off from the secure server. The 3.0 version displayed both secure and non-secure items on the confirmation page. This is no longer done. All CGI requests also use full URLs now.

The shipping calculations and scripting have been updated. Now there is no way to make an error when defining your shipping options. Also, version 3.1 now supports
surcharges for orders that are to be shipped outside the country where the site owner does business.

True international order and ownership support. The new version no longer is US-Centric like so many others out there. Dynamic address displays, country selections and
other updates were made to ensure site owners and customers from around the world can use the package. You can even change the currency symbol now.

The settings menu was re-worked to reduce the size of some of the forms and add some new features.

Online Processor support now is controlled through one form that is entirely database driven.

Site layout theme and country add/modify/delete support was added along with many other functions to aid in administering all the new features.

Logout functionality was added to boost security.

Program registration. This feature requires registration of the program upon the first use. This will reduce software costs in the long run for everyone.

The ability to delete image files was added. In addition to being able to upload images you can now delete them.

New administrator graphics provide a nicer look and feel while you’re working with your web site.

Statistical tracking features were added to give the best possible view of your web site and its operation. Track users in detail, view historical information, get full data for any date, see your busiest days and find out which pages, banners, products, categories, etc. are most and least popular.

The software package now comes with its own online manual. This manual details every aspect of installation and running the package.

User tracking scripting was re-written to ensure the fastest possible load times and new error handling was introduced.

The package can now be delivered in three formats: .tar.gz, .tar and .zip.

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