Free Downloads

Software available here for download includes: Data Importers, Software Installers, Default Skins by Kryptronic.

Free Downloads

Software Installers

The Kryptronic software installer is a web-based installation wizard that allows you to install Kryptronic software on your webserver. Any time the installer is updated, it is posted here. This is the same installer that is delivered via download for all Kryptronic software license orders. Please note: The installer will not install any software until you have provided it a valid license key and registered your software license.

Kryptronic eCommerce 9 Installer
ClickCartPro 8 Installer
EuropaCart 8 Installer
ClickCartPro 7 Installer
EuropaCart 7 Installer
ClickCartPro 6 Installer

Data Importers

Kryptronic data importers provide a quick and easy way to migrate your application data to Kryptronic software products. All data importers are delivered in ZIP format and are free to download.

ClickCartPro/EuropaCart 7 and 8 to Kryptronic eCommerce 9
ClickCartPro 6 to Kryptronic eCommerce 9
ClickCartPro 7 to ClickCartPro 8
ClickCartPro 6 to ClickCartPro 8
ClickCartPro 5.1 to ClickCartPro 8
EuropaCart 7 to EuropaCart 8
ClickCartPro 6 to EuropaCart 8
ClickCartPro 5.1 to EuropaCart 8
ClickCartPro 6 to ClickCartPro 7
ClickCartPro 5.1 to ClickCartPro 7
ClickCartPro 6 to EuropaCart 7
ClickCartPro 5.1 to EuropaCart 7
ClickCartPro 5.1 to ClickCartPro 6

Zone Based Shipping Products & Rates

Kryptronic eCommerce includes zone based shipping functionality which supports products and rates for Royal Mail and Parcelforce. Download the two CSV files for the zone based shipper(s) you wish to use, then use the Raw DB Admin function in your management interface to import the products and rates into the appropriate database tables. The downloaded file names specify the table into which you should import the data.

To save these files to your local computer, right click on each file and choose the save option presented by your browser.

Royal Mail: Products | Rates
Parcelforce: Products | Rates

Default Skins by Kryptronic

The default skins created for the software, and all initial installations can be downloaded here.

Kryptronic eCommerce 9: Flex Skin
Kryptronic eCommerce 9: FlexOG Skin
Kryptronic eCommerce 9: Mail Message Skin
Version 8: Desktop Skin
Version 8: Mobile Skin
Version 8: Print Skin
Version 8: MailMessage Skin
Version 7: Default Skin
Version 7: ClickCartPro Skin
Version 7: Ecom Skin
Version 7: Mail Skin
Version 6: ClickCartPro Skin
Version 6: Ecom Skin
Version 6: Mail Skin
Version 5.1: Default Skin
Version 5.0: Default Skin

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