Software Requirements

ClickCartPro and EuropaCart are 100% pure PHP web applications built to handle industrial load. Our software was built to deploy everywhere, supports multiple databases and is fully Web Standards Compliant.

Software Requirements

A Platform That Runs Anywhere

All Kryptronic software is web-based, and will install on nearly any webserver with PHP support. The following requirements need to be met by your webserver in order to install and run Kryptronic software. The requirements below are met by nearly 98% of all Internet hosting accounts on a variety of operating systems, including Unix, Linux and Windows.

Kryptronic Recommendation: Kryptronic recommends using a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) architecture, if you're planning a new server build. We really like the way each of the components works together, and the cost (it's all freely licensed software). When compared to a similar Microsoft setup, LAMP will provide more security and stability. When compared to commercial Unix systems, LAMP shines from a cost perspective. Kryptronic recommends using PHP 5.3 or better with a secure mail connection to round out your setup.

PHP Version & OS

Kryptronic software is PHP-based, and will run anywhere that PHP 4.3.0 (and higher) will run. The software works with all PHP versions, and has most recently been tested, and verified compatible, with the PHP version 5.5.x series. PHP is available on nearly every operating system available including all Unix, Linux, Windows, IBM and Sun Microsystems platforms.

PHP Configuration

PHP must be configured in the following manner for Kryptronic software to run properly. As of PHP 5, these configuration options are standard:

safe_mode set to Off
magic_quotes_runtime set to Off
file_uploads set to On
cURL extension must be loaded


You'll need a webserver to run our software, as it's web-based. Any webserver that works with PHP will do. This includes webservers such as Apache, Microsoft IIS, Zeus, Sun and more.

Database and Mail

Kryptronic software requires the use of a relational database. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

Our software requires the ability be able to send email messages. Mail can be sent using either an SMTP server connection (authorization supported), using the sendmail executable on Unix/Linux systems, or using the PHP mail() function.

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