About Kryptronic

Founded in 1999, Kryptronic is a company that has evolved over time from a small web design and development firm into a global player in the Internet software market.

About Kryptronic

Kryptronic has been developing cutting edge ecommerce software since 1999. The company started life as a small web development firm in Baltimore, Maryland (USA). Services provided to both nationally known and local clients included full site software and graphic development, Internet site hosting and ongoing support.

The initial development work done by the company included minor scripting and static HTML based projects that required strict browser compatibility. Within four months of operation, our first contract for an ecommerce site was landed. After spending too many hours debugging and reprogramming various free scripts for the project, then viewing the either costly or undersized options available for sale on the Internet, a conclusion was reached:

An ecommerce software program had to be built by the company for internal use. When the project had completed, the first version of the Kryptronic ecommerce software package had been developed. It functioned very well, but was not easily extended or designer friendly. Four months later, a second version of the codebase was released that made functional enhancements to the first.

Several installations for various Kryptronic clients of both versions of the software proved profitable for them. Our clientele was generally satisfied with the software as it functioned as advertised and worked consistently.

A conclusion was made that there was a need for a developer friendly ecommerce solution publicly on the Internet. Most software on the Internet (at that time) was either not worth the money, or not worth the hassle, or both. There was a large market of companies much like Kryptronic in that they needed a viable solution for their ecommerce requirements.

Coding for the third release was geared towards a publicly available licensed codebase. All of the second generation code was archived and the third version was written from the ground up - as good software should be when it's time for a change. Aside from being marketable, the program did it's job as advertised and provided the tool so many companies were seeking. In December 1999, third generation software licenses were offered for sale on the Internet.

Since that time, the software has gone through several major revisions, and new generations of the codebase have been developed. An online support forum was created in May 2000, and a community started to grow to support and push the software past it's limits. Through the input of our user community, the software has matured and now offers users a fully administrable ecommerce site with a giant feature set, as well as the same stability that founded the software.

Partnerships have been made with various hosting companies, technical support firms, payment processing gateways, translation service companies, accounting software firms and international shipping companies to further the functionality of the software. Some of our partner companies include: Authorize.net, Wells Fargo, VeriSign, Bank of America, WorldPay, PayPal, UPS, FedEx, USPS, Intuit and Peachtree.

Our company is dedicated to delivering a viable solution for the ecommerce problem. Our software continues to undergo change and enhancement to fit the increasing needs of both developers and ecommerce business owners on the Internet.

The software codebase, which include the library, modules and data architecture, are developed solely by Kryptronic, Inc. and are distributed under license. Kryptronic eCommerce is not an open source (GNU licensed) program, however the source code is delivered with the programs, and is editable.

Kryptronic: Security. Stability. Reliability